Best Deck Strategy for Act 2 of Inscryption

Confused by all of the options that open up to you in Act 2? Check out this handy tip.

Build your deck.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You defeated Leshy, slammed that New Game button back into your menu, and are excitedly loading up the second act of the game — only to discover that you’re playing a completely different game. Don’t get us wrong; you’re still playing Inscryption — just a heavily different version from the Act 1 game.

Act 2 allows you to play what is probably the most “complete” version of Inscryption. It seems to draw heavily from the Pokemon: Trading Card Game (the Game Boy Color version), as you now have access to many different types of decks. You can still use your Beastly deck, of course, but you now have access to the other three pantheons as well — Death, Technology, and Magic. Each of the four pantheons comes with unique build strategies, so it can definitely be a lot to take in. Thankfully, we’ve got a simple trick for you to breeze through this section and continue the story.

First, when you enter act 2, claim Leshy’s deck. Proceed to Leshy’s Cabin and start to progress through The Prospector, Angler, and Trapper mini-bosses, obtaining card packs along the way. Skip fighting Leshy for now and then head to Grimora’s Crypt, again, fighting her subordinates and collecting card packs.

Once you have bested all but Leshy and Grimora, go to “Edit Deck” from the pause menu. There is an Auto-Complete button available for you to click. Doing so creates a solid deck from the cards you have available — and it tends to lean towards a Death and Beastly hybrid deck as well, even if you claimed the Technology or Magic decks. This deck appears to focus primarily on sacrificing monsters to build up Bones, and then pumping your Bone Pile creature with +1/+1 as much as possible to secure a win. This deck strategy will work for nearly all the encounters in Act 2, and so if you don’t wish to meticulously build a new deck from the variety of choices available to you, slam that Auto-Complete button.