Best Fortnite Creative Maps to Practice Aim

Sharpen your skills.


Fortnite might be a cute, colorful game, but at its heart, it is a punished battle royale that demands great aim and awareness. If you want to practice your aim in a safer environment than a match, then Creative mode has your back. Creative mode allows players to build their own levels and mini-games, and a lot of talented people out there have put in the work to help the rest of us get better at the game.

Creative is filled with maps dedicated to improving aim, so in this article, we will run through some of the best.

Mongraal Classic

At high levels of play, edits and quick shooting are vital, and this map is all about perfecting one of the game’s default moves for those small circle battles that tend to end a game.

Code – 7269-0152-0094

Geerzy’s Combat Training Course

The amount of work that Geerzy has put into this course is commendable, offering various aim based challenges that will help to sharpen your skills.

Code – 2889-5729-6480

Skaavok Aim Training

Another map with a multitude of options, covering whatever weapons you wish to practice with. Mongraal plays this map regularly, so it gets an endorsement from one of the best aimers in competitive Fortnite.

Code – 8022-6842-4965

Aim Map and Tile Frenzy

Designed by Beaks, and endorsed by Tfue, this is a pretty punishing map that gives you little choice but to get better at aiming.

Code – 1624-1148-8943

Raider’s Box Fight Practice Map v2

A brutal marriage of edits and headshots, this is where you go if you want to become an absolute killer.

Code – 7562-1598-0199