Best guns in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

No Gunblade yet, unfortunately.

Final Fantasy First Soldier

Image by Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier offers an interesting mix of gunplay and hero shooter-style abilities. As far as ranged weapons are concerned, The First Soldier features the standard mix of firearms you would expect from a battle royale. While the game’s arsenal isn’t very imaginative, the guns are supplemented by Magic Materia and other abilities, making some of them more effective when played by specific classes.

Best guns in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Because of the way each class operates in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, the best guns are the ones that work best for each class’ preferred playstyle and range, while also dishing out a lot of damage.

With their Manawall ability, Monks are uniquely suited for long-range combat. Manawall lowers the damage of incoming shots, but it doesn’t prevent players from moving through. The best gun for Monk players in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is the Mark 5 sniper rifle. This semi-auto DMR hits hard in mid to long-range, and it won’t fail you if you get rushed.

Warriors are on the opposite end of the spectrum: with their Rush ability and passive traits focused on close combat, they excel with SMGs and shotguns. The best Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier guns for Warriors are the Dissent’s Bane SMG and the Model S-7 shotgun. Both guns hit really hard in close range and don’t require a lot of aiming to do work.

First Soldier Final Fantasy weapons
Image by Square Enix.

Due to the way their Assess ability works, Rangers operate best in mid-range, and they like to reposition frequently to get a better angle on their opponents. The best guns for Rangers in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier are the Mk3 Combat Rifle Mod 2 and the Inferno LMG. Both guns favor a mobile, close-to-mid range playstyle.

Sorcerers are uniquely free to play however they want, as their kit is mainly focused on Magic Materia. That said, most offensive Magic Materia abilities require you to get into close range, so a flexible close-to-mid range gun is recommended. This choice largely hinges on your playstyle, but our pick for the best Sorcerer gun in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is the MP-60 Type A. Unlike the Dissent’s Bane, this SMG is highly precise, even when used on the move.

Honorable mentions

Other guns in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier that are worth using are the Executioner Gamma sniper rifle and the A2 Wrath revolver. Both weapons pack a serious punch while also being very ammo efficient. If your primary weapon is specialized for mid or close range, consider taking the Executioner or the A2 Wrath as your backup. They allow you to threaten opponents from afar or pressure them with high burst damage up close.