The best guns in Garena Free Fire

The best in Assault, Sniper, Shotgun, and other categories.

While knowing the map and having skills is key to winning, choosing a powerful weapon is crucial to surviving until the end in a battle royale game like Garena Free Fire. Picking a powerful and appropriate weapon will give you an extra advantage over the enemies in the match. Garena Free Fire offers a bunch of weapons to choose from including assault rifles, light machine guns, snipers, and more. Let’s have a look at the best guns in the game.

Groza – Assault Rifle

  • Damage: 61
  • Rate of Fire: 56
  • Range: 75
  • Reload Speed: 48
  • Accuracy: 54

Groza is undoubtedly the best assault rifle that excels in all departments. The gun not only offers a high amount of damage and range, but it is also beginner-friendly because of a high accuracy rating, making it adequate for close and mid-range fights.


  • Damage: 48
  • Rate of Fire: 76
  • Range: 41
  • Reload Speed: 77
  • Accuracy: 48

Submachine guns are preferred in mid-range fights because of lower recoil rate. MP5 is one of the fastest SMGs, and other than UMP, it is the only gun that can be equipped with five attachments among the SMGs.

AWM – Sniper Rifle

  • Damage: 90
  • Rate of Fire: 27
  • Range: 91
  • Reload Speed: 34
  • Accuracy: 90

AWM has always been the best sniper rifle in battle royale games and is powerful enough to penetrate a level 3 helmet in a single shot. So, if you want to hunt your enemies down in a from afar, the AWM equipped with 8x scope is the best combination to go with.

Gatling – LMG

  • Damage: 55
  • Rate of Fire: 56
  • Range: 84
  • Reload Speed: 62
  • Accuracy: 79

LMGs are known for large magazine size, and Garena Free Fire has two to choose from: Gatling and M249. Gatling has a magazine size of 1,200 and has a high accuracy rate. The only drawback of using an LMG is that it cannot be equipped with attachments.

Original article by Ethan Ken, update by Rabia Sayal.