The best Healers in Alchemy Stars

The best healers for Alchemy Stars’ most difficult challenges.

Image via Tencent Games and Tourdog Studio

Struggling to keep your Aurorians alive in the most challenging stages of Alchemy Stars? Try adding one of these Healers to your roster to extend your combos and stay alive.

3. Raphael

Image via Tourdog Studio

Raphael is a Water Element, B Tier, 6 Star Healer that synergizes with Blue tiles, and heals for more HP as your units get lower in HP. Raphael is perfect for high-risk high-reward strategies, and as a combo enabler. Raphael’s passive/chain ability heals each member of your team for up to 4% of Raphael’s HP total, healing the most when teammates are at their lowest. Raphael’s active is a powerful single unit heal on a 3 round cooldown, healing up to 240% of Raphael’s Attack and also resetting Blue tiles on the map, potentially setting up for a devastating combo.

2. Eicy

Image via Tourdog Studio

Eicy is a Fire Element, A-Tier, 6 Star Healer with a vampiric effect. With her passive, chain combos will inflict bonus true damage every two rounds and also heal your team, increasing based on the damage dealt and how low your team is. Similar to Raphael, this ability rewards an aggressive strategy that lets your team’s HP totals drop low, before bouncing back by draining your enemies in a damaging assault.

1. Victoria

Image via Tourdog Studio

Victoria is a Fire Element, S-Tier, 6 Star Healer with a vampiric effect that also debuffs enemies. Her passive allows her to heal for 5% of her max HP when she hits an enemy afflicted with Bleed, which doubles against enemies with a higher HP percentage than the team. Additionally, her active ability drains a massive amount of HP from all enemies around her. With these two features, Victoria is able to effectively take down huge mobs or powerful isolated foes alike, all while negating the damage they deal.