The best Madden 21 offense playbooks

A look at some of the best offensive playbooks in Madden 21.

In Madden 21, it’s not just the players that are important. Playbooks are the lifeblood of any offense, as those sheets of paper (or pages of a PDF, whatever you prefer) lay out what plays will be run, as well as what strategies a team will utilize to defeat the opposition. Each playbook varies, as some teams will utilize playbooks tailored around a powerful running game. Other playbooks, on the other hand, can be pass-heavy and look to make use out of great quarterbacks and wide receivers.

So what playbook should you run in Madden 21? Well, that’s up to what kind of playstyle you plan on running in Online Head to Head, MUT, and Franchise mode. Because of the different playstyles out there, we’ve highlighted five different playbooks you should consider, ranging from balanced books, as well as pass-heavy and run-heavy plans. Let’s take a look at the five playbooks we recommend.


Sean Payton’s Saints have been a high-powered offense for years. Given that, it’s no surprise that their playbook makes the list. The Saints’ offense playbook is loaded with great passing plays, both short and long. In addition, the playbook also has some nice run plays, such as pitch and stretch plays, and screens to complement their speedy running back, Alvin Kamara. You don’t, however, necessarily need to use Kamara in this system, as any fastback will do.


Doug Pederson and the Eagles know how to score points and get the most of the passing game. If you want a balanced playbook, but with a slight lean to a pass-heavy offense, this playbook could work for you. There’s also a number of nifty medium and long passes in this book that should also give players fits.


Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens ran wild on opposing defenses in the NFL last season. Their playbook is a part of the reason. The Ravens’ playbook leans more on the running game, as it’s filled with power running plays, as well as some option plays and RPOs that will allow you to get the most of our offense, if it leans to that type of play.


For this first time since 1970, the Chiefs, lead by QB and Madden 20 cover athlete Patrick Mahomes, won the Super Bowl. Much of their success can be attributed to a pass-heavy plan that looks to exploit the opposing defenses with medium and long passes. For teams that have elite quarterbacks with great arms, as well as those with lightning-quick receivers, this plan could do the trick. Just make sure you’re comfortable in the Shotgun.


A new coach and gameplan did wonders for the Packers in 2019, as Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers helped lead Green Bay to the NFC Championship game last season. Like some of the other playbooks that we mentioned here, this playbook leans more towards the pass, but it does have some valuable inside running plays in it as well.