Best Minecraft Bridge Designs

Bridge the Gap.

Image via Mojang Studios

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A bridge connecting two terrains is one of the structures players will often have to build in Minecraft. Although a bridge doesn’t need to be fancy all the time, there are endless possibilities to modify it. Hence, we’ve listed the best designs that players can use while building a bridge in Minecraft.

City on a Bridge

Screengrab via andyisyoda’s YouTube

A bridge is more than just a structure for transporting people and goods from one location to another. You can set up an entire city on the bridge, including houses and shops with tourist boats under the bridge. This will be a functional bridge and can also act as your primary base.

Stone Bridge

Screengrab via Spudetti’s YouTube

A stone bridge sports a classic look and is simple to build. You can go for a simple look or change a few blocks to give it a more medieval feel. No matter what, it’s durable and will perfectly fit any Minecraft world.

Suspension Bridge

Screengrab via TheBuildingDuck’s YouTube

You can build the suspension bridge if you want to ditch the classic look and go for a more modern approach. That said, building a suspension bridge requires a lot of raw materials and time investment.

Tower Bridge

Screengrab via N11cK’s YouTube

Building a tower bridge might be a complicated task for many as it demands accurate block placement and a lot of planning. However, if you are willing to work it through, tower bridge is definitely worth the effort. It looks stunning and will reflect your dedication to building the bridge.

Wooden Bridge

Screengrab via Melthie’s YouTube

Extremely easy to build, a wooden bridge is usually what many players prefer, and it requires minimal materials that can be farmed easily. It won’t be as fancy as other designs on this list, but you can always modify it by adding different fauna and structures.