Best Minecraft Chicken Coop Designs

How to give a cluck a home.

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Minecraft chicken coops are a valuable addition for players. They produce eggs, breeding them is simple, and killing them for chicken breasts and feathers is also easy. It’s a consistent resource farm that needs very little player interaction, as long as a player is near the coop to keep the cell active.

Chickens will not produce resources while the cell is dormant, which happens when no players are near. Placing this structure near the crafting hall or primary location for adventurers will ensure you get maximized returns.


The underlying concept of a chicken coop is necessary to understand before we dive into the grander builds. There are two types of chicken coops in Minecraft: one focuses on aesthetics while demanding that players run through often to pick up all of the resources dropped. The other focuses on using hoppers into chests as a hidden means of collecting all eggs.

To use hoppers, players will want to lock chickens into a small room with a hopper directly underneath, leading to a chest. In this way, everything that a chicken drops is immediately stored in the chest for players to retrieve later.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Note that a 1×1 area isn’t necessarily functional — chickens will be pushed into the walls around it which will kill them. Ensure that you place the chest first, then sneak and left-click to place the hopper on top. This will ensure it’s connected; failing to do so will result in your resources being stuck in the hopper.

Minecrafters can also place a carpet tile above the hopper: resources will fall through the carpet, and the carpet will prevent players from accidentally clicking on hoppers when attempting to feed the chickens. While nice to have, this is by no means necessary.

We can take this concept and begin to stretch it: a common practice is a 3×3 chicken coop taking a 5×5 space. Players will need nine hoppers and chests, and forty-eight blocks for a basic 3×3 chicken coop.

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once these concepts are understood, the sky (or Y-256) is the limit.


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When it comes to building chicken coops, determining whether you want automatic or manual resource collection is the first priority. Once that has been determined, you can begin planning the building itself. Bear in mind that lighting is something to take into consideration, as with all Minecraft builds. A spawned creeper in your chicken coop tends to invite a rebuild.