The 10 best Minecraft parkour servers

Jump in but be careful not to fall off.

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One of the most fun mini-games you can play in Minecraft is on many parkour servers. It might be a little difficult to envision a blocky Minecraft character pulling off the kind of moves a real-life traceur does, but these servers are all about platforming across challenging terrains. If you are looking to put your platforming skills to the test, here are the best parkour servers you can join in Minecraft.

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The best parkour servers for Minecraft

Happy Hunger Games

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Happy Hunger Games offers quite a few different games you can play, but its parkour is where it shines the brightest. One of the coolest things about this server is you can set the game to give you courses that focus on certain kinds of platforming that you can either practice on to get better where you struggle or just find the sort of parkour courses you enjoy the most.


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JumpCraft has over 700 parkour courses that reward you for playing well and increasing your skill level. You earn an in-game currency that can be spent on unlocking additional parkour maps. The community for this server is not quite as active as others, but it provides plenty of well-made courses for you to run through.


Image via Manacube
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ManaCube has over 1,000 parkour courses that can meet many different skill levels, all made by parkour aficionados. With a wide range of themes, there are various ways you can enjoy these courses. While it has other mini-games, ManaCube has a dedicated community that wants to provide the best experience for each other.


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Mineclub has a highly respectable community filled with thousands of people. There are other games for you to play outside of parkour, but you will have a great time when you explore the courses dedicated to this craft.


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Mineplex is one of the most popular servers in Minecraft and has tons of great content for you to partake in. Whether you want to only focus on parkour or see other varying mini-games, you will want to give Mineplex a look.


Image via Minr
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Minr is one of the oldest Minecraft servers available, running for over a decade. With it being active for such a long time, there are plenty of parkour courses you can find. The best of the best on the server are the ones creating the courses here, so you know you are getting quality at every turn.

Mox MC

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Mox MC is almost always near server capacity and a favorite among streamers and YouTubers. With a wide-ranging set of courses for different skill sets and themes, this is one of the more fun and rewarding experiences for its members.


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I mean, it’s in the name. Parkourcraft is most likely the smallest server on this list but is heavily dedicated to its craft with great rewards and fun courses to run and climb through. You will never have to worry about waiting for a spot in line here, but you will know you are getting into a community committed to delivering the best parkour experience possible.

Renatus Network

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Renatus Network has an active team that consistently puts out good parkour maps for those interested in the mini-game. They do provide some of the most challenging courses on this list and various unique and themed maps.


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Snapcraft’s parkour courses really lean into speed runs, so anyone looking to test their skills in the fastest way possible should be interested in this server. The Snapcraft team actively promotes community interaction with a voucher reward given to whoever votes on the most maps. There are actively a couple of hundred players on Snapcraft, so give it a try and become a part of its growing community.