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The 10 best games like Minecraft

Some great games to play when you are looking for something different.

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games ever made, being at the mountain peak of the highest selling video games ever. In the time since it reached mass appeal, there has been no shortage of games imitating what it does in its crafting, survival, or exploration elements. While there is no game that gives you a 100% substitute for Minecraft, there are plenty of games that offer a different experience that can be similar. Here are the 10 best games that are like Minecraft.

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The best games similar to Minecraft

7 Days to Die

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7 Days to Die is a survival game that has you constantly contending with zombies. There are crafting and building mechanics for setting up a base to survive nights where the undead become much more agitated and aggressive. The game supports multiplayer, so you can help each other hold off zombies and build up the ultimate fort to survive from.

Don’t Starve Together

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Don’t Starve Together is a top-down 2D game with a Tim Burton-esque art style. Not only are you monitoring your usual health and food mechanics, but your sanity levels when it gets dark out will heavily impact your ability to survive each night. Work with your friends to set up a basecamp where you can better handle the harsh and Barren environment to keep yourself fed and alive.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Dragon Quest may be a series much better known for its RPGs, but the Builders spin-off has garnered a pretty good following. You build structures with blocks and battle various enemies you would encounter in the mainline series. The focus is lesser on survival here, so if you are a more creative person, you may want to consider Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Lego Worlds

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Lego Worlds is essentially a Minecraft game where you build with Legos. That’s an idea that makes a lot of sense since building with blocks has been a classic Lego experience for decades. The ability to bring in pre-built structures also makes this a much friendlier game for younger audiences, but if you want, you can design everything you do brick by brick.

No Man’s Sky

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There really is not a game better suited for exploration than No Man’s Sky. With millions and millions of planets in its large solar system, you will always run into something new when you find a new planet. There is not much of a crafting scene here when compared to a game built around it like Minecraft, but if you want to find something new and gather resources to build various items, No Man’s Sky is for you.

Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is a game that starts out as a simple 2D farming game but opens up to be much more. You will consistently interact with the nearby community and build relationships with the people there with the potential for marriage. There are also caves for you to dive deep down into to fight creatures and find treasures. There is no shortage of people that love this game as a relaxing farming game, but it is also so much more.

Stranded Deep

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Stranded Deep has you trying to survive in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after a plane crash. Whether it is trying to find food and drinkable water or fighting off attacking sharks looking for an easy meal, there is a lot to contend with in this dangerous environment. Craft weapons, tools, and shelter to help you survive against all odds.


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Subnautica is a survival game based on an alien planet absolutely covered in water. You will interact with unique creatures, gather resources to help you survive, and dive deeper into this planet’s secrets. There is a story here that you can choose to follow and pursue. There is no focus on combat here; instead, more on using the technology and equipment you craft to find new and unlock new areas.


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Terraria is essentially 2D Minecraft. Obviously, there is more to it than that, but this survival game has you adventuring on a flat plane while gathering resources to build and craft items and bases to help you thrive. There is a gallery of dangerous and creepy monsters for you to take on, with plenty of options for progression. 2D Minecraft is the easiest way to explain Terraria, but it cements itself as a proper standalone that steps out from Minecraft’s shadow.


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Valheim is a survival game that can be harsh on you and your friends. This Viking game will have you crafting tools, building shelter and boats, and fighting off plenty of enemies on your way to Valhalla. If you are looking for a game that is a step up from Minecraft’s family-friendly atmosphere, Valheim is the game you will want to look into.

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