Best Minecraft Speedrun Timers

The need for speed.

Image via Minecraft

With how popular Minecraft has become since releasing in 2011, it’s no surprise to see the speedrunning scene gravitating around it. If you’re looking to get into the scene, one of the most important things to have available is a good timer. Learning the game and memorizing how to run it are key to success, but it’ll be tough to verify your scores without a good timer. We’ve collected a few of the best timers to use to make sure your times are as accurate as possible.


This timer is very popular among all speedrunners. It’s already integrated into and lets you clock game time and set splits. Using splits lets you better track progress as you can see your time to hit certain checkpoints. This is a great way to work on specific parts of the game and then see where you need to improve if you want to speed up your time. LiveSplit also lets you set up races against other runners, giving it even more utility.

Duncan’s Autotimer

Duncan’s Autotimer is specifically made for Minecraft, which means it has a few bits that might make it more useful than LiveSplit in certain situations. It automatically tracks both real-time attack (RTA) and in-game time (IGT) while also tracking Blaze and Endermen kills. These features make it a solid timer to use for all versions of running Minecraft.

Ninjasnail Timer

Ninjasanail’s timer is open-source, which could be useful to certain runners. It also could be a bit tougher to get running if you’re not used to using it. That said, the timer works well once you get it up and running and is a good alternative to Duncan’s Autotimer.