Best mobile chess games for iOS and Android

Get a checkmate on the go.

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The game of chess is almost 2,000 years old, and as technology has improved, so have our ways of playing this classic game. Chess mobile apps allow you to play online and battle powerful AI on the go. Each chess app offers unique features that separate them from the rest. This guide will list the best mobile chess games for iOS and Android and what makes them great. the number one free chess app in the world, and for good reason. With this app, you can play with your friends or compete against other players of similar skill levels. Online play is competitive, and you can climb the leaderboards to increase your Elo rating. This app also features chess lessons and tutorials, though you will need to pay for a premium account to access some of the more advanced lessons. You can also play against a computer and attempt to solve over 150,000 unique puzzles.

Chess for Kids

Chess for Kids is the perfect app for aspiring child chess players. It’s ad-free and allows you to play online. You can also play against the computer offline, and there are plenty of puzzles to solve offline too. Chess for Kids gives parents complete control over their kids’ accounts and restricts chatting between players.

Chess Tiger Pro

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Chess Tiger Pro is an ad-free premium app that costs $8. If you’re serious about improving your chess skills, this is the app for you. It has an incredibly powerful chess engine that displays its thinking, allowing you to understand the game better. This app also allows you to save replays and have the app analyze them, point out your mistakes, and display alternatives.

Chess Universe

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Chess Universe is a more casual version of It features multiple modes to play with friends, such as bullet, rapid, and blitz. This app also features daily challenges and rewards that keep you coming back. Completing these rewards allows you to level up your account’s avatar.

Dr. Wolf

Dr. Wolf is a chess app that focuses primarily on coaching. The AI will give you step-by-step instructions on what to do at every point of the game. It not only tells you what moves are ideal, but it explains the reasoning behind them. With the free version, you can only have Dr. Wolf coach you for three games. After that, you will need to subscribe to the premium version.


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Lichess is another online chess app that pairs you up against players of similar skill levels. It tracks your stats, analyzes your games, and gives you detailed summaries of your performance. Lichness has over 150,000 users and is available in 80 languages. What makes this app so great is it’s open-sourced and ad-free, so there are no premium accounts.

Shredder Chess

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This app is great for players of all skill levels. It’s offline only, but it has a powerful AI that automatically adjusts its strength according to yours. The AI also rates your plays and coaches you on your mistakes. The superb AI and the beautiful gameboards make this a top-notch app.