Best movesets for Origin Forme Giratina in Pokémon Go

What are the best moves?

Image via Niantic

Origin Forme Giratina is a powerful Pokémon in Pokémon Go. It’s more powerful than the Altered Forme Giratina version, and for trainers who want to capture a powerful Ghost and Dragon-type Pokémon, it’s at the top of their list, right after Mega Gengar. With it also being a Dragon-type, it’s understandable why it’s a sought after choice. When you capture the Origin Forme Giratina after completing the five-star raid battle with other trainers, what is the best moveset it can learn?

Origin Forme Giratina is a Ghost and Dragon-type Pokémon. It has a maximum CP of 3,683, an attack of 225, a defense of 187, and stamina of 284. it’s weak to Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Ice-type Pokémon, but it’s resistant to Bug, Electric, Fire, Fighting, Grass, Normal, Poison, and Water-types.

These are all of the moves Origin Forme Giratina can learn in Pokémon Go.

Fast moves

  • Dragon Tail (Dragon-type) – 9 damage, 3.3 energy per turn
  • Shadow Claw (Ghost-type) – 6 damage, 4 energy per turn

Charged moves

  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon-type) – 90 damage, 60 energy
  • Ominous Wind (Ghost-type) – 45 damage, 45 energy
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost-type) – 100 damage, 55 energy

The Origin Forme Giratina has a slim selection of choices, meaning it’s pretty easy to pick and choose the best moveset. Right out of the gate, for its fast move, you certainly want to go with shadow claw. It has a higher amount of energy per turn, plus it’s a faster choice. Dragon tail may do more damage, but it takes longer to use, meaning shadow claw can be used faster, and deals out the same amount of damage during a battle.

For Origin Forme Giratina’s charged moves, you don’t have to look at the speed of these attacks, but ominous wind does offer practical effects you wouldn’t know about. When you use it, you have a 10% chance to increase your Pokémon’s stats by two attack and defense. Given how low the energy cost is for the move, you can try to use it fairly often, increasing your Pokémon’s overall power, but don’t make it your first choice. Your first should be shadow ball, a decisive Ghost-type move.

While the best moveset for Origin Forme Giratina does not utilize its Dragon-type variety for offensive reasons, it makes it an incredibly useful Pokémon, regardless. Ensure you have shadow claw for its fast move and ominous wind and shadow ball for its charged moves.