The best pickaxe enchantments in Minecraft

Which enchantment should you use?

Image via Microsoft

Using enchantments in Minecraft allows you to go beyond the limits of an ordinary item, whether it is increasing its efficiency, damage, or durability, amongst other traits. The pickaxe is one of the most useful items, and you can get even more bang for your buck by enchanting it. Here are the best enchantments to use on a pickaxe.


Efficiency is the most useful enchantment to place on the pickaxe. This increases the rate that you break blocks, related to a specific tool. Pickaxe works on stone and ore, shovels on dirt and gravel, axes on lumber, and so on. This enchantment can increase your mining speed by up to 45% if you enchant it all the way to level 5.

Efficiency I: +25% mining speed
Efficiency II: +30% mining speed
Efficiency III: +35% mining speed
Efficiency IV: +40% mining speed
Efficiency V: +45% mining speed


Fortune is an enchantment for mining and digging tools that increases the chances of getting more materials from a single block. This is incredibly useful when you are on the hunt for a specific item but can only seem to find a few at a time. The multiplier for items will increase with a stronger enchantment.

  • Fortune I
    • 66% chance for 1x items
    • 33% chance for 2x items
  • Fortune II
    • 50% chance for 1x items
    • 25% chance for 2x items
    • 25% chance for 3x items
  • Fortune III
    • 40% chance for 1x items
    • 20% chance for 2x items
    • 20% chance for 3x items
    • 20% chance for 4x items


Unbreaking greatly increases the durability of an item. The enchantment creates a chance for the item itself to not be degraded each time it is used. While each tool it is used on is different, there is a massive increase in the lifetime of a tool on average. If you are low on materials and can only make one strong tool, Unbreaking is the enchantment for you.

Unbreaking I: 100% average lifetime increase
Unbreaking II: 200% average lifetime increase
Unbreaking III: 300% average lifetime increase


The last enchantment that you would want to put on your pickaxe is Mending. Mending is basically the other side of the coin of unbreaking, but instead of the durability not being degraded, the durability is restored with the experience orbs you earn from mining. This will make your item last much longer but at the expense of gaining experience. While it doesn’t take all of the orbs, you will gain substantially less experience when you use this enchantment, especially if you have it on multiple items.

There are two more enchantments, Curse of Vanishing and Silk Touch, but these are nowhere near as useful as the enchantments listed above, and in most cases, you shouldn’t be using them anyway.