The best Pickaxe enchantments in Minecraft

Dig away to the core.

Image via Mojang

Pickaxes are the most memorable tools in Minecraft because they are your main way of mining resources throughout the world. If you want to get stronger tools, you will need to use the proper Pickaxe to mine up Iron Ores, Diamonds, and Netherite. To make sure you get the absolute best out of your Pickaxe, you will need to apply the best enchantments. Here they are.

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The best Minecraft Pickaxe enchantments

There are five total enchantments that can currently be applied to Pickaxes in Minecraft. All of them will help you in various ways, but some are more useful than others.

5. Unbreaking

Unbreaking will make it so every swing you take with your Pickaxe has a chance not to take any durability away from the tool. This makes your Pickaxe last a lot longer, but there is another enchantment on this list that makes Unbreaking useless.

4. Silk Touch

Silk Touch will make any block you break down to be able to be picked up as that block. With this enchantment, you can mine blocks of Glass and other fragile items without them shattering. The uniqueness of this block drops it on this list, as well as the need to have a second Pickaxe if you want to break down blocks like Diamond Ores actually to get the Diamond.

3. Efficiency

Efficiency increases the speed at which you break down items when you mine them. This enchantment can make your mining almost instantaneous on basic blocks and the wait on blocks like Obsidian much more tolerable.

2. Fortune

Fortune will increase the number of items you receive after breaking down each block. Obviously, this is good for resource accumulation and will significantly reduce the amount of mining you actually need to do for certain resources.

1. Mending

Mending is the enchantment that pretty much makes Unbreaking a pointless enchantment on Pickaxes. If you have it on, your Pickaxe is essentially invulnerable because it will repair its durability every time you pick up an experience orb while it is in your hand. Whether using your Pickaxe to slay mobs or gather resources, you will continually reinvigorate it.