The best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

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While there are not many weapons and tools in Minecraft, the Sword is one of the best and most iconic items in the game. It will be your main source of damage against enemies in most situations, regardless if it is made of Iron, Diamond, or Netherite. To get even more out of it, you will want some enchantments. Here are the best Sword enchantments you can use in Minecraft.

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The best Minecraft Sword enchantments

1. Sharpness

Sharpness is a simple but immensely effective enchantment. It raises the base attack of slashes with your Sword, making it an easy choice for the best enchantment to put on your weapon. You’re not using your Sword for anything but taking out mobs, so get as high of a level on this enchantment as possible.

2. Mending

Mending put on a Sword essentially makes it invincible. While holding the item, every experience orb you pick up slightly repairs your Sword. Since every swing will be going into a mob that drops experience, you will never have to replace your weapon for another.

3. Fire Aspect

Fire Aspect will let your Sword light any mob on fire that it hits. Of course, this is great for dealing damage over time to enemies, but this can also come in handy when you are wandering the world. If you are low on your hunger bar, lighting animals on fire and then letting the fire kill them will drop cooked meat. This will allow you to refill extra food without getting poisoned.

4. Looting

Looting is a really nice secondary enchantment for your Sword. Every mob that you kill will drop bonus items, making grinding for materials so much faster. This is a must if you have some kind of mob farm close by.

5. Knockback

Knockback will make it so mobs or players hit by your Sword will fly further backward than normal. This puts your enemies in more precarious situations, especially with any nearby drops, but it also protects you a little bit by creating distance, letting you get a follow-up attack going.