Minecraft: Top 8 Best Pillager Outpost Seeds in MC

The following Outposts are waiting to be explored.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pillager outposts are awe-inspiring mazes of tall and slender structures, awaiting intrepid explorers in the vast world of Minecraft. These enigmatic habitats, inhabited by the formidable pillagers, can be stumbled upon in various biomes throughout the game. While rarer than villages yet more common than woodland mansions, these remarkable structures provide an exhilarating challenge for those brave enough to seek them out. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as I unveil the best pillager outpost seeds in Minecraft.

Blending In

Seed: 6993824594463520295

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re not paying close enough attention, you may mistake this Outpost for a tall tree. This structure appears to reside in a Biome right where it should be, blending right in. This spot is also very close to an ocean, home to a beautiful coral reef.

Desert & Plains Outpost

Seed: 4119889180880108551

Screenshot by Gamepur

Situated right between a few different world Biomes, including plains, a desert, and a small forest, this Outpost features a ton of variety. There’s even a tiny, white tent carrying a few pumpkins pitched right next to the structure. Also, just southwest of the Outpost sits a cool desert temple, waiting to be explored — rumor has it, there’s loot inside.

Forest Outpost

Seed: 3158050085732836999

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here’s an Outpost that’s perched right between the edge of a roofed-forest Biome and a Plains Biome. You can also see a desert off in the distance, that’s home to a quaint village that has a heart-shaped lava pool. 

Mansion Outpost

Seed: 2659438081448453611

Screenshot by Gamepur

This seed generates within a Plains Biome, surrounded by a handful of other cool Biomes. In the distance sits a massive mansion perked up within the forest, with loads to discover in and around it.

Nestled Outpost

Seed: -8305343124906834585

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Outpost is sitting between a couple of unique Biomes that gives the general location an exciting look. There’s a water source, plains, a lush forest, and mountains off in the distance. There’s also a small village not too far away.

Outpost Island

Seed: 5212085746333190405

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here’s an Outpost that’s not only situated within a Tyga Biome, but it’s erected on its very own island, surrounded by lush forest density. There’s plenty to be discovered on this quiet piece of land.

Swamp Outpost

Seed: 6531672776712953054

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here’s an Outpost that will have you saying, ‘get out of my swamp!’ There’s even a witch hut sitting a little ways away from the structure. Also, off in the distance lies a massive wooded badlands Plateau Biome, bursting with gorgeous visuals.

Waterfront Outpost

Seed: -5154410201276962300

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Outpost is perfect for players who appreciate waterfront property. If you continue down the river, you’ll eventually stumble upon a Ruined Portal.