Best planes in War Thunder

Dominate the skies with this lineup.

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There are hundreds of aircraft to choose from in War Thunder, making the leap into aviation feel quite daunting. This guide will recommend several planes worth the time and energy spent learning them, taking into account entry-levelness, engagement potential, and, most importantly, overall enjoyability in terms of dominating the skies.


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The BF109-G2 is a well-suited plane to learn how to dogfight in. It climbs altitudes nicely, retains energy well, and turns accurately. Considered as more of a ‘jack of all trades’ plane, because it does everything quite well, yet doesn’t do any one thing the best. This plane is an excellent choice for learning all of the different flight styles in War Thunder.


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This American heavy bomber boasts one of the most massive payloads in War Thunder. The B29 can destroy enemy bases with a single pass over. It also flys at a very high fight altitude, posing a problem for enemy planes aiming to take it out. It has reliable defensive turrets with excellent lines of sight to spot enemies. However, the B29 is susceptible to autocannons and groups of opponents attacking at the same time.

FW 189

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Extremely agile and works great as a fighter despite being classified as a bomber. Because of this classification, it gets a bomber spawn, giving it a massive altitude advantage over all the other planes in its class. It’s fitted with a pair of turrets that do serious work out on the battlefield as well. The FW 189 is a bit underpowered when it comes to climbing altitude and accelerating; however, it makes up for these shortcomings in its maneuverability, outperforming most fighters in this regard.


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The F4U-4B American naval fighter rates high in speed, energy retention and can make quick turns at a moment’s notice. It has excellent guns that do significant damage, even at long range, making it deadly for ranged combat. The F4U-4B does it’s best to work at lower altitudes because of how fast it is in this range of elevation. Keep in mind that its repair cost is typically expensive, and it is vulnerable to cannons.

Ho 229

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This German jet fighter is exceptionally maneuverable, even compared to other jet fighters in its class. Best utilized in dogfighting, heavy-fighting, or as an attacker. The Ho 229 is very fun to spent time in, mainly because it has one of the best guns, the MK 103, which is paired with great ammunition supply — The Ho 229 is a must-try for aviation enthusiasts.