Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Minecraft Seeds (PS4)

Vary your world by using these distinct seeds.


In the vast and immersive world of Minecraft, every landscape created through random generation holds untapped potential, waiting to be discovered by others. Through the utilization of a world’s unique seed, players can replicate these generated environments, offering an opportunity to explore alternate realities that they might otherwise miss. This feature allows for the preservation and sharing of meticulously crafted settings, ensuring that no world-building effort goes unnoticed. Some seeds possess exceptional qualities, providing an abundance of valuable resources or granting access to powerful items from the very beginning. If you are an avid PlayStation 4 player, these carefully selected best PS4 Minecraft seeds present captivating realms that are truly worth exploring and delighting in.

Hidden secrets

Seed: 2065486297

Coming across an abandoned town is always a treat. It’s an opportunity to break down an entire town without feeling the guilt of displacing a dozen villagers (you heartless monster). But the real fun of this seed comes from the town’s hidden secret. Spelunk into the nearby ravine the town is built on and you’ll reveal a stronghold, aching to be explored.

Forests for days


Seed: -192460232

Sick of spawning into a world void of trees? Hop into this seed and you’ll have all the trees you’ll ever need, but it goes even further than that. Any time you come across a forest, more often than not it’ll stretch far past the end of your vision, from jungle biomes to winter wonderlands.

Time for some spelunking

Seed: 2033394339

As soon as you spawn, climb the nearest mountain. Just at the edge of your vision, you’ll notice a large mansion. Not a bad start, but underneath is a deep and sprawling cave system for you to explore. Bring plenty of wood because you won’t be resurfacing anytime soon.

A bit of everything


Seed: -2109369554

It isn’t uncommon getting tossed into a world that appears to be one large biome. With this seed, biomes are never too far from where you’re standing, providing easy access to a change of scenery at a moment’s notice. And it doesn’t hurt to be near a town for some easy raiding.

Towns in all directions

Seed: 1418505413

This seed provides you with swamp lands and near endless plains, but its most striking detail are the towns. You’ll find a town to your left, right, behind, and ahead of you from the moment you spawn. They’re close enough that it’s feasible to connect each one with a roadway, and then building upon. Perfect for anyone wanting to roleplay.

Roleplaying as Chuck Noland

Seed: -1574838061

If you’ve ever wondered what Chuck Noland’s life was like in Cast Away, this is the seed for you. It spawns you on an isolated island, away from civilization and far, far away from the nearest FedEx. Best location to reenact the film, minus Wilson.

A bamboo lifestyle


Seed: 1573577239

Get ready to fight off pillagers. As soon as you spawn, you’re plopped into the middle of a town hugging a bamboo forest. The town’s most notable feature is its blacksmith. A pillager watchtower was built at the edge of the town, ready to pelt villagers with arrows and oppression.

Discount Hawaii

Seed: 1408425816

Rather than spawn on a continent, this seed forces you to develop your sea legs. It has a habit of creating chains of islands as well as isolated ones. It’s basically Hawaii. As an added bonus, you’ll find plenty of underwater temples.

Just give me stuff, please

Seed: 812064126

It isn’t everyday you’ll spawn into an ideal location. To some, the fun of survival is making a life on scarce resources. For others, having a head start is far more enjoyable. We won’t judge you for the way you play. This seed is for those that want an easy start without the hassle of hoarding resources. You’ll find temples—underwater and above—, shipwrecks, and plenty of towns to raid.

Use your imagination


Seed: 2066

Minecraft generates some really unique locations on its own, but this one in particular has rolling hills, tall mountains, and plenty of distinct landscapes to stretch your god-like powers. It’s a solid choice for survival, but better suited for creative needs.