The 10 best Roblox Tycoon games

The best management simulators on Roblox.


There are dozens of tycoon games for those who love management games that you can try on Roblox. These games will put your management skills to the test as you try building a location from the ground up. We’ve gone through many tycoon games, and we’ve found some of the best Roblox Tycoon games you can play right now.

Airport Tycoon

Image via Fat Whale Games on Roblox

The skies are clear, and it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the world through Airport Tycoon. Here, you’ll be creating an iconic airport to land planes or helicopters and fly them through the sky to find remote islands and explore them. You’ll want to upgrade your airport to improve the efficiency of your flights. You can also visit Pirate Island, Plane Island, air force island, Tokyo, and a rocket site when you’re not working on expanding your airport.

Anime Tycoon

Image via The Tycoon Games on Roblox

Anime Tycoon allows you to play as any of your favorite Anime characters. Here, you’ll gain all of their powers and abilities from the show. As you expand your building and earn more money, you can add more characters to your collection, unlocking more powers for you to show off in your base.

Big City Tycoon

Image via Ready, set, more! on Roblox

In Big City Tycoon, you’ll create multiple houses and apartments in a massive city that you can control. As you acquire more money, you’ll unlock additional properties you can add to your c collection and cars and businesses. The city is yours to control, and you can invite friends to check it out as you expand your collection.

Clone Tycoon 2

Image via Ultraw on Roblox

Create a clone army in Clone Tycoon 2‘s research lab to engineer the most powerful clones in the world. You’ll need to do everything from your research lab to support your clones as they become stronger and upgrade your base, planes, rockets, and much more to create a bustling laboratory. You can expect to put your clones to the test as they face difficult foes and conquer the universe.

My Dragon Tycoon

Image by My Dragon Tycoon

If the business management simulator is not for you, My Dragon Tycoon gives you the chance to take care of a dragon where you can take care of them on a farm. There’s still a good deal of management in My Dragon Tycoon, and you’ll balance it between raising the many dragons you’ll be able to acquire and the farm where you’ll be growing crops and a place to stay. Your dragons can learn skills, and you’ll be able to equip weapons on your character that you can use to battle fearsome monsters all over the game. Eventually, you’ll be able to pit yourself and your dragons against bosses.

Retail Tycoon 2

Image via Secondhand Studios on Roblox

In Retail Tycoon 2, you’ll have the chance to build a bustling supermarket as you offer a variety of items to your customers. You can customize the interior of your store by placing all of the shelves and items your store offers throughout the store in a grid-based system. Not only will you have to manage the items you’re selling, but you need to hire staff members to help you throughout the story. If you’re interested in keeping track of your profits, we highly recommend this robust tycoon game.

School Tycoon

Image via School Tycoon

As a new principal in School Tycoon, it will be your job to manage the teachers to ensure they’re teaching all students and work alongside the janitors to keep the place spotless. By having more students, you’ll be able to earn more coins to customize the interior of your school, modify the uniform, and manage the daily schedule of your students. In addition, you’ll be able to create multiple floors of your school, adding grading rooms, lockers, exterior trees, and your office that you can decorate.

Super Hero Tycoon

Image via Super Heroes on Roblox

If you’ve ever wanted to jump into a game as an iconic Marvel or DC character, you can do so through the Super Hero Tycoon game. In this game, you’ll build up your base using the money you earn and purchasing additional powers to create your ideal hero. With new heroes and movies releasing all the time, you can expect to find more heroes and powers becoming available throughout this game’s development.

Tropical Resort Tycoon

Image via Tropical Resort Tycoon

When you want to get away from the hectic life of a noisy city, the Tropical Resort Tycoon will have you managing a massive vacation retreat for guests to unwind. You’ll expand your resort to add an airport, a villa for your guests to relax, and explore your neighbor’s islands to see if they can’t give you any ideas for your establishment. With the addition of an arcade, you can invite friends to visit and play again them to see who’s the best.

Zoo Tycoon

Image via Zoo Tycoon

The Roblox twist on the classic Zoo Tycoon game allows you to run a lively zoo in Zoo Tycoon. Here, you’ll be able to create your ideal zoo, setting up habitats with our favorite exotic animals that you seldom have the chance to see in the wild. There’s also the option to add unicorns, aquariums full of killer whales, and even dinosaurs if you have enough money.