Best sword fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

En garde.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has all kinds of representation from various gaming franchises, but a quick look at the roster can reveal one common occurrence in it. There are many characters that use a sword here, all with unique abilities that make them stand out from the others. We’re not exactly sure how Link got the okay to bring all of his equipment to attack Mario with, but he’s definitely not the only one. Here are the 10 best sword fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in alphabetical order.

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The best swordsman in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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Cloud was one of the characters that didn’t really have a guaranteed chance to return from Smash for Wii U and 3DS until the Everyone is Here trailer. The biggest face of Final Fantasy comes equipped with his large Buster Sword and can lay quite the damage on anyone who gets in his range. His down special charges up his limit meter manually quickly, or you can slowly build it up over time by dealing damage. While filled, this exponentially increases the potency of his special attacks for one move and gives him better movement. Cloud doesn’t take a lot of getting used to to be a viable pick for players.


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Representing many of the Dragon Quest series’ past protagonists is Hero. This DLC character has an MP gauge that players will need to manage as they fight. Depending on the special attacks you decide to use, your MP gauge will deplete. If the meter is empty, you will be unable to take advantage of those special moves until it either replenishes or you are KO’d. If you are able to use these properly alongside his other attacks, you can put a heavy beatdown on your opponent.


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One of the biggest Nintendo icons, at least one version of Link had to appear on this list. This one is from Breath of the Wild, sporting his Champion’s Tunic and a unique bomb move that can be detonated at your command like in its original game. Other than that, this is essentially the same Link that we have loved for decades and a solid choice to fight with.

Meta Knight

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Meta Knight is one of Kirby’s biggest rivals, and while the pink puffball, unfortunately, can’t appear on this list, he is a character that has a history of infamy for more serious players. Meta Knight moves quickly, can flap his wings to fly a little, and has a lot of lethal combos. In the right hands, this is a lethal weapon that can take over a fight while being speedy enough to avoid plenty of incoming damage.


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Pyra & Mythra are unique as you get a two-for-one deal. Both Pyra and Mythra can switch between in a moment’s notice, so you’ll have access to heavy and light sword wielders at will. It’s incredibly handy as you can dish out damage as Mythra with her fast moves and then seal the deal with Pyra’s slow but powerful attacks. The range they have in the air is pretty incredible as they give an almost 180-degree slash upwards; this can be handy when you have a player near death and volleyed in the sky. Both character’s ranges are amazing. Pyra can throw her sword as a projectile that can burn her enemies to a crisp, while Mythra can sweep in with a surprisingly wide volley of slashes.


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After making his Smash debut in Melee, missing out on Brawl, and then returning in Smash Wii U and 3DS as DLC, many Fire Emblem and sword fans were happy to see Roy present in Smash Ultimate. While he falls like a rock, Roy can charge up an incredibly powerful strike with his neutral B and can lay final hits on a character just about as well as anyone on the roster. This was the original Marth clone, so most players will have an easy time understanding how he works and how to get good use out of him.


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Sephiroth might be one of the most overpowered characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but if you’ve ever played Final Fantasy VII before, you’d know it is fitting. His comically long sword can hit opponents two or three strides away, and like Pyra & Mythra, Sephiroth’s slashing range is at a deadly 180-degree angle. In addition, he’s a poking machine, and if the tip of the sword hits just right, you’ll get more damage. His projectiles are very powerful. His Gigaflare can decimate your rivals with around 40% damage when fully charged and his side B, Shadow Flare, once hit, can linger around opponents for around a five-second delay. All of these are lethal options to eliminate anyone who gets too close.


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Shulk’s biggest advantage over most other swordfighters (maybe all besides Sephiroth) is his range. The Monado blade can stretch out and make his attacks go deceptively further than they initially appear. His neutral special also allows him to momentarily boost his smash, jumping, speed, shielding, or buster abilities, significantly giving him the advantage when used in the right situations.


Sora from kingdom hearts stood with Duck Hunt duo
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For the longest time, it seemed like Sora coming to Super Smash Bros. would be an impossible task with how many okays Nintendo would need to make it happen through both Square Enix and Disney, but never forget how much Sakurai spoiled us. Sora is a pretty floaty character, being one of the lightest in the game, letting him stay in the air for a long time in aerial battles. His abilities are fast-moving and can pile up the damage percentage on foes.

Young Link

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The second of three Links to appear on this list is Young Link from Ocarina of Time. Seeing him included in the Everyone is Here trailer was one of the more exciting moments, this being his first appearance in Smash since Melee. While being shorter than Breath of the Wild Link, Young Link is faster and is equipped with fire arrows. He is essentially exactly as he was back in Melee, Lon Lon Milk taunt and all.