The best Pokémon teams for the Ultra League in Pokémon Go – July 2022

The Ultra League has returned.

Image via Niantic

The Ultra League returns to Pokémon Go for a limited time. In this competition, you’ll be able to put some of your strongest Pokémon against other players, so long as they meet the 2,500 CP cap. These battles will take place from July 20 to 27. These are some of the best Pokémon Teams you can use in the Ultra League.

The best Pokémon teams for the Ultra League

Trevenant, Lapras, and Umbreon

Trevenant was added to Pokémon Go for the Halloween Mischief event, becoming one of the better choices for the Great and Ultra Leagues. Unfortunately, it’s a Ghost and Grass-type, making it a problematic Pokémon to counter. In addition, its overall moveset gives it plenty of spam potential. We recommend pairing it with Lapras for the Switch choice and Umbreon as the Closer.

  • Trevenant: Shadow Claw (fast move), Seed Bomb, and Shadow Bomb
  • Lapras: Ice Shard (fast move), Surf, and Ice Beam
  • Umbreon: Snarl (fast move), Foul Play, and Last Resort

Galarian Stunfisk, Cofagrigus, and Regirock

Next, we have Galarian Stunfisk, one of the better Ultra League Pokémon choices. You can’t go wrong with this option, and it’s a flexible choice you can use in any team. We recommend trying it out with Cofagrigus, a Pokémon with an updated moveset, and the always-reliable Regirock.

  • Galarian Stunfisk: Mud Shot (fast move), Rock Slide, and Earthquake
  • Cofagrigus: Shadow Claw (fast move), Psychic, and Shadow Ball
  • Regirock: Lock On (fast move), Focus Blast, and Stone Edge

Nidoqueen (shadow), Drifblim, and Steelix

Because Seasons 8, 9, and 10 did not change much, the shadow version of Nidoqueen remains an excellent choice for any trainer. It has plenty of damage potential in multiple encounters. We recommend using it alongside Drifblim and Steelix.

  • Nidoqueen (shadow): Poison Jab (fast move), Poison Fang, and Earth Power
  • Drifblim: Hex (fast move), Icy Wind, and Shadow Ball
  • Steelix: Dragon Tail (fast move), Crunch, and Earthquake

Snorlax, Skunktank, and Talonflame

Snorlax is another powerful Lead Pokémon option that will be difficult to counter against unless your opponent prepares a Fighting-type to meet it head-on. We recommend having Skunktank and Talonflame on standby for this team.

  • Snorlax: Lick (fast move), Body Slam, and Earthquake
  • Skuntank: Poison Jab (fast move), Crunch, and Sludge Bomb
  • Talonflame: Incinerate (fast move), Brave Bird, and Flame Charge

Drapion (Shadow), Perrserker, and Swampert

The last team we will discuss is the shadow version of Drapion, a reasonable Poison-type Pokémon. Next, you’ll want to use Perrserker for your Switch option. It’s a defensive Pokémon capable of taking several hits and dealing plenty of damage with various attacks. The final Closer Pokémon is Swampert, only weak to Grass-type attacks.

  • Drapion (Shadow): Poison Sting (fast move), Aqua Tail, and Crunch
  • Perrserker: Shadow Claw (fast move), Close Combat, and Foul Play
  • Swampert: Mud Shot (fast move), Hydro Cannon, and Earthquake