Best Tirion Fordring Decks In Warcraft Rumble (PVE & PVP)

Mix and match Minis to create the ultimate Tirion Fording deck in Warcraft Rumble to conquer the game and friends alike.

Warcraft Rumble Tirion Fording Decks

Image via Gamepur

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Tirion Fordring is one of the first three possible leaders players can choose from in Warcraft Rumble. So, what are the best decks for this Alliance Leader for players to start off strong in the Warcraft Rumble mobile game?

Warcraft Rumble’s gameplay consists of mini versions of familiar Warcraft characters that players can collect and mix together to create teams of seven, which are made up of a Leader and six troops. Tirion Fordring is one of the best Leaders for both PvP and PvE. He is the all-in-one dealing tank healer. Certain minis have the best synergy with him while others are staples that should be available options to switch.

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Tirion Fordring Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble tirion fording
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Tirion is one of the few minis that can heal more than one ally while on the field. Putting him behind a group of minis will keep those minis going with most if not all of their health intact and get them to the opponents Leader. However, he is a slower mini so this will only really work with slower-moving units like the Footmen.

Tirion Fordring is a tank with a high HP level. However, his abilities make him a much more valuable mini to have on the field instead of a mini that is there to take a hit. He can alleviate damage by taking some of the damage but should not be taking the brunt of the damage. He can deal a decent amount of damage but can only hit one target at a time and is vulnerable to elemental damage. His tank attributes are more for keeping him alive so he can keep everyone else alive but he will need the synergy of having a unit or another tank to protect him while he keeps them at full health.

Best PvP Tirion Fordring Deck in Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble Tirion Fordring Deck
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The best PvP Tirion Fordring deck consists the following minis.

  • Dark Iron Miner – Melee
  • Worgen – Melee
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot – Range
  • Gryphon Rider – Flying
  • Chimaera – Flying
  • Living Bomb – Spell

This PvP Deck for Tirion Fordring in Warcraft Rumble focuses on a balance for each type of mini minus any spells. Dark Irion Minor will be the main gold collector that will be able to deal damage and defend itself. Worgens will deal a great amount of damage threw stealth and ambush, doubling the damage it deals. It can be deployed anywhere, making it super easy to ambush the opponent’s minis.

The S.A.F.E Pilot is great for dealing damage to the opponent’s Leader right out the gate. It can also deal large amounts of damage to armored minis with its crash-landing deployment. Once they are on the ground they unleash their ranged attacks. They are also slower to move so if players can get a few of them on the field, Tirion can keep them going.

Gryphon Rider is a cheap mini that can hit other flyers and minis on the ground. Chimaera deals elemental damage that will stack and will gain 10% health for every deployment.

The Living Bomb mini is a spell that is best to take out groups of enemies clustered together and pave the way for the player’s minis to move forward.

Some alternate minis to put into this deck are the following.

  • Huntress – Range
  • Stonehoof Tauren – Melee
  • Whelp Eggs – Flyer
  • Gryphon Rider – Flyer
  • Defias Bandits – Melee

Best PvE Tirion Fordring Deck in Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble Tirion Fordring PvE Deck
Image via Gamepur

The best PvE Tirion Fording deck consists the following mins.

  • Footmen – Melee
  • Quilboar – Melee
  • Huntresss – Range
  • Frostwolf Shaman – Range
  • Harpies – Flying
  • Whelp Eggs – Flying

Footmen is the mini that creates four armored guards, creating a phalanx tank. They are slow like Tirion Fordring but they have some of the best synergy with the leader when on the field. I personally like this mini as it has been a game-changer for my deck. It is also great for guarding any more vulnerable minis. The Quilboar is a more versatile melee mini that costs much less than the Footmen mini. It can also be placed anywhere on the field, making it the more maneuverable mini of the two melee troops.

The Huntress is fast and it’s great for clearing the way for those heavy hitters to get closer to the enemies’ Leader. She can hit multiple enemies with a weapon that will bounce between groups. The Frostwolf Shaman can deal large amounts of elemental damage to armored minis and can create shields for allies. They are the cheaper healer if Tirion Fordring is not on the field.

The Harpies and Whelp Eggs find strength in numbers. The Harpies will deal double damage on the first strike and are another faster mini like the Huntress. Whelp Eggs will produce a herd of dragon babies that will wreak havoc and can be placed anywhere on the field.

Some alternate mins for this deck are the following.

  • Fire Elemental – Melee
  • Execute – Spell

Best Any Tirion Fordring Deck in Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble Tirion Fordring best Deck
Image via Gamepur

Best Tirion Fordring deck for any use consists the following.

  • Worgen – Melee
  • Abomination – Melee
  • Earth Elemental – Melee
  • Huntress – Range
  • S.A.F.E Pilot – Range
  • Harpies – Flying

This deck focuses less on Tirion Fordring’s melee and tank abilities and more on his healing abilities. The Worgen, Abomination, and Earth Elementals will work as the main tanks and damage dealers to towers and enemies. The Earth Elemental can be deployed anywhere and deals double damage to the towers. The Abomination mini is great for snagging the range minis closer to deal damage before they can hit allies.

The Huntress and the Harpies will be the fast minis that will move around the board dealing as much damage as they can to as many enemies as possible. Use the S.A.F.E Pilot to crash land into armored enemies, towers, or the opposing Leader to bring the match to an end as quickly as possible.

Some alternatives for this deck are the following.

  • Footman – Melee
  • Quilboar – Melee
  • Frostwolf Shaman – Range
  • Holy Nova – Spell