Best warrior builds for Guild Wars 2

Strength and honor…is what you would say in another MMO.

Image via ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 continues the tradition of video games giving some of the most powerful moves to warriors. They use heavy armor, possess incredible strength, and in this case, they even have the speed to back up all of their brute force. If you want to build a great warrior with the abilities given to you in GW2, choose the appropriate situation below. We’ll even sort out PvP for you.


We’ll jump into Conquest because we just mentioned it. A sword or warhorn will be your main weapon, and you’ll keep a dagger/shield combination as a backup. Follow the chart below to set up your bar, depending on which weapons you’re keeping in hand:

Sever ArteryPrecise Cut
Savage LeapAura Slicer
Final ThrustDisrupting Stab
ChargeShield Bash
Call of ValorShield Stance

To round out your list, choose To the Limit! for your heal, Shake It Off!, On My Mark!, and For Great Justice! as your utility skills, and Battle Standard as your Elite move. Put up your specializations as demonstrated below:

Marching OrdersVersatile RageFull Counter
Roaring ReveilleWarrior’s SprintNo Escape
EmpoweredFast HandsDispelling Force
Shake It Off!Brawler’s RecoverySlow Counter
Mending MightVersatile PowerAttacker’s Insight
Vigorous ShoutsBurst MasteryRevenge Counter


The build below will keep you powered and capable of supporting the rest of your group. Your primary weapon should be a sword or warhorn, with a hammer as a backup. Your abilities are very similar to PvP, with a few exceptions:

Sever ArteryHammer Swing
Savage LeapFierce Blow
Final ThrustHammer Shock
ChargeStaggering Blow
Call of ValorBackbreaker

Use the same To the Limit! skill for healing, along with Shake It Off! for one of your utilities. You’ll also want For Great Justice! and Break Enchantments, and finally, Winds of Disenchantment for your elite skill. Your specializations are listed below:

Thick SkinMarching OrdersFull Counter
Dogged MarchRoaring ReveilleNo Escape
Adrenal HealthEmpoweredDispelling Force
Lesser Endure PainShake It Off!Loss Aversion
Spiked ArmorMending MightAttacker’s Insight
Lesser Balanced StancePhalanx StrengthEnchantment Collapse


When you’re doing quests in the open world, you don’t have to worry about others as much. This gives you the chance to make a build that focuses on pure strength, so use a greatsword as your primary weapon, and a two-dagger setup as your secondary. You can use the attacks seen here:

Greatsword SwingPrecise Cut
Hundred BladesAura Slicer
Whirlwind AttackDisrupting Stab
BladetrailWastrel’s Ruin

Become your own tank by healing with Defiant Stance, and set up For Great Justice!, Shake It Off!, and Signet of Fury as your utilities. Round it out with the Signet of Rage as your elite skill, and take advantage of the specializations shown below:

Reckless ImpactMarching OrdersFull Counter
Brave StrideSoldier’s ComfortPure Strike
Building MomentumEmpoweredDispelling Force
Forceful GreatswordShake It Off!Sun and Moon Style
Pinnacle of StrengthMending MightAttacker’s Insight
Might Makes RightVigorous ShoutsMagebane Tether