Best ways to make money in RuneScape

Here are some tried and true methods to money-making in RuneScape.


Image via Jagex

If you’re new to RuneScape, you may be wondering how to fund your skill training sessions. A lot of skills in RuneScape are expensive to train, requiring several tens or hundreds of millions of coins to level up to 99! Below, we’ve got the best methods to make money no matter what your skill level is in RuneScape!

Buying and Selling Bonds

Probably the most straightforward — and most controversial — way to increase your money pouch, you can purchase a Bond with real-life money, then turn around and sell it for in-game gold at the Grand Exchange. Each bond costs $6.99 and can be sold for approximately 32 million coins. To put that into perspective, 32 million coins can fund training to 75 for probably two or three of the 28 skills in the game. As with all things in RuneScape, Bonds are subject to the laws of supply versus demand, so keep an eye on prices and sell when it benefits you the most.

Harvesting Pale Energy

This method is for lower-level players with an active membership. Pale Energy can be harvested at level 1 Divination, and sold for 166 coins per Energy. You can choose to convert the Pale Memories you harvest to extra Energy, at the expense of EXP, of course, to further increase your profit. You can expect to earn approximately 350,000 coins per hour doing this, which for a level 1 skill, is not half bad at all. You can find the Pale Wisp Colony southeast of Draynor Village.

Incense Sticks

If you have at least 50 million coins in the bank and wonder how to turn that into even more money, you can create Incense Sticks. Incense Sticks are usable items that provide a variety of buffs for 10 minutes and can be extended and boosted up to a maximum of 60 minutes. These effects range from bonus experience to bonus elite spawn rates, so they are highly sought after. To make money off these effectively and timely, purchase the ingredients off the Grand Exchange. For example, Impious willow incense sticks and Clean spirit weed together cost approximately 22,000 coins, but when crafted into the final product — Spirit weed incense stick, in this example — turns around and sells for about 36,000 coins! Always check what incense sticks you can make and the prices of the materials versus the final product before buying materials in bulk.


If you’re a higher-leveled player, odds are good you have the skill levels and gear to take down some of Gielinor’s nastiest bosses. Which boss you can tackle depends on a few factors — which skills you have at max or near-max levels, what gear you have for your combat styles, and how much time you can commit to farming said boss.

Solak, for example, is probably one of the more profitable bosses in the game – but on average, a player can expect to get 3 to 5 kills per hour, with near-maxed skills. A lot is determined by luck regarding loot drops, so you may opt to take on an easier boss that you can kill many more times per hour, but at the expense of less valuable drops. Popular bossing choices to profit from for mid-range players include King Black Dragon, Kalphite Queen, and the Dagonnoth Kings. Chaos Elemental is also a choice, but it resides in the Wilderness, so be wary of player-killers! Higher-level players may opt to check out God Wars, Elder God Wars dungeons, or even the Barrows Brothers.