Best weapons in Valheim

What weapon do you need to add to your Valheim collection?

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Weapons are how you survive Valheim. You need to have plenty of food in your belly, and a decent shelter above your head. But the weapon you choose to wield in the game makes it easier to carve through enemies.

There are several weapons to pick from, and many of them come with unique stats that set them apart from the others. These are the best weapons we believe you should add to your arsenal in Valheim and why they’re good.


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For those who want to fight against the strongest foes and wield the power of Mjölnir, you can’t do that in Valheim. Although, you can get pretty close with Frostner, a one-handed mace that looks eerily like the well-balanced hammer that Thor wields. The weapon doesn’t summon lightning, but you can use it to deal frost damage to your foes and slow them down for a few seconds to give you enough time to roll away or land another hit before they can retaliate. The weapon can be tough to learn about because you need to find the trader, Haldor, and purchase ymir flesh.

Overall, Frostner is an excellent weapon that deals a good amount of blunt damage, and the added frost damage certainly helps. Here are all of the ingredients you need to craft the weapon, and you have to be in the range of a level three forge to create it.

  • 10 Ancient Bark
  • 5 Freeze Glands
  • 30 Silver
  • 5 Ymir Flesh


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The Porcupine is an excellent weapon that can do both blunt and pierce damage to your enemies. It’s a one-handed mace that you can wield after you’ve created a spinning wheel and have discovered linen thread, which you can craft after made the artisan table and defeat the fourth Forsaken boss, Moder. While the Porcupine has lower base blunt damage than the iron mace, it makes up for additional pierce damage. It’s a worthwhile weapon to add to your collection and can be extremely useful when battling skeletons or battling against the fulings.

Here are all of the ingredients you need to make the Porcupine, and you need to be in range of a level four forge.

  • 5 Fine Wood
  • 20 Iron
  • 10 Linen Thread
  • 5 Needles

Blackmetal weapons

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The blackmetal weapons are available to players once they smelt down the black metal scraps they acquire from defeating the fulings, goblin-like creatures that appear in the Plains biome. These are the final weapons you unlock once you’ve created the blast furnace, the highest smelting station you can receive in Valheim in its early access. These weapons are the best base weapons you can, so if you’re about to take on the fifth Forsaken boss or want to make sure you’re ready for Valheim’s next update, having your preferred weapon type made from blackmetal ingots will be your best choice.

Here are all of the blackmetal weapons you craft.

  • Blackmetal atgeir
  • Blackmetal axe
  • Blackmetal knife
  • Blackmetal sword

Silver sword

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The silver sword is a weapon you can learn to make before you adventure over to the Plains biome. It has a lower base slash damage than the blackmetal sword, so it may not appear quite appealing for many. However, the weapon comes with 30 spirit damage, making it highly effective against particular evil enemies, such as the Fenring, skeletons, Draugr, and anything else that exudes evil in Valheim. It’s a weapon for someone who regularly visits the Swamp or adventures through the Mountains at night and wants to do additional damage to these troublesome enemies. It’s particularly good at melting the demented Fenring creature down to dust.

The base damage makes it far less appealing when battling the fuling, though. If you’d rather keep it in your inventory alongside your primary blackmetal weapon, that’s probably the best way to use it when you reach the end of Valheim’s early access. Although, it could see even more use in the future depending on what enemies are released next to your Valheim world.

You can learn how to craft a silver sword after you’ve defeated the third Forsaken boss, Bonemass, and used its special item, the wishbone, to locate and smelt silver. You can find it in the Mountains biome. Here are all of the items you need to make it, and you have to be next to a level three forge.

  • 5 Iron
  • 3 Leather scraps
  • 40 Silver
  • 2 Wood

Draugr Fang

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The Draugr Fang is certainly the best bow you can craft in Valheim. It has the highest pierce damage, and any arrow it uses will do poison damage over time tick to the enemy. It turns even a basic wood arrow into a poison one amazing, making obsidian and frost arrows exceedingly deadly. It also has a higher knockback than the next best bow, the Huntsman. When you want to fight something from afar, the Draugr Fang is your go-to bow.

The downside to the weapon is you need guck to craft it, and guck can be difficult to find. It spawns in the Swamp and appears on the sides of trees, looking like this nasty blob attached to these massive trees. The best guck is the type of stuff you can find at higher elevations, so you typically need to make platforms to reach it. Other than that, the weapon is excellent and only gets better as you upgrade it.

These are all of the ingredients you need to craft the weapon. You also need to be in the range of a level two forge to make it.

  • 10 Ancient Bark
  • 2 Deer hid
  • 10 Guck
  • 20 Silver