Best weapons in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt tier list

You can think of the AK-47 as a wooden stake.

Bloodhunt Masquerade battle royale guide

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Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt early access features the game in an almost finished state, replete with weapons, characters, abilities, and interesting mechanics not found in other battle royales. To drink the blood of their enemies (or just splatter it across the streets of Prague), players get to use a sizable arsenal of conventional and unconventional weapons, including modern firearms, archaic WWI guns, and melee weapons with special effects. Out of the roster of 19 weapons in Bloodhunt, seven stand out as the best options players can use to secure a win. With the incredible mobility every Bloodhunt player has at their disposal, key weapon attributes are sustained damage (so you don’t have to stop and reload constantly) and close-range performance (most fights happen in close quarters.) With that in mind, here is our tier list of the best Bloodhunt weapons.

The Assault Rifle

Assault rifles tend to be over-tuned in most shooter games, as they supposedly trade flexibility and mobility for strong damage and accuracy. This design works on paper, but it ignores the reality that players quickly learn to play around things like slow reloads and handing, enjoying the high DPS and accuracy of their weapons with no drawbacks. Bloodhunt presents an extreme case of this design, as the Assault Rifle has the best damage output of almost any weapon in the game, paired with excellent accuracy and low damage falloff at all ranges. In effect, this is currently the best weapon to use in Bloodhunt. If you find an Assault Rifle, pick it up. Your second weapon basically doesn’t matter from that point.


The LMG is the heavier spray-and-pray gun in Bloodhunt, the other being the silenced SMG. The LMG hits hard, it has a massive magazine, and it becomes gradually more accurate the longer you hold down the trigger. While not as good as the Assault Rifle, the LMG is an excellent weapon in close and mid range, and it gets even better at higher rarities.

The Tommy Gun

A lighter machinegun with bonus points for style, the Tommy Gun puts out great sustained damage, and has a big magazine, though not quite as big as the LMG’s. It also lacks the former’s progressive accuracy buff, though it has slightly better base accuracy by default. In effect, the Tommy Gun feels like a smaller, scrappier LMG. Pick it up if you can’t find either of the two guns listed above.

Bloodhunt Dual Crossbows weapons
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Heavy Crossbow and Dual Crossbows

The Heavy Crossbow is the best weapon you can pick up for your second slot. While its upfront damage is low, the added utility more than makes up for it. The area-of-effect produced by a Heavy Crossbow hit is huge, and the poison gas persists for a while, making this the perfect weapon for pressure and area denial. You can third-party other players, push them out of cover, zone them to give yourself some breathing room to retreat and heal, or finish off opponents who are trying to do the same. To a lesser extent, the Dual Crossbows fill a similar role, though they trade area control for more dependable close-range damage. Both weapons are especially strong in the late game of Bloodhunt.

The Toggleable Machine Gun

The Toggler (better name pending, hopefully) hits as hard as the LMG, but has a smaller magazine. What it lacks in mag size it offers in accuracy, since it becomes instantly more precise when toggled, letting it rival the LMG at mid-range. While this weapon certainly takes some getting used to, it’s very rewarding once you’ve learned to play around its quirks.

The Katana

The weebiest item in Bloodhunt, the Katana is not just a fashion statement: this weapon works great in close quarters, deflecting bullets and dishing out heavy damage. As added perks, it is silent, it has 50% lifesteal (a shared trait among all melee weapons), and obviously doesn’t require ammo. Since it goes in the melee slot you can still carry it without sacrificing one of your ranged weapons.