Borderlands 3: Best Character To Play Solo


Whenever you jump into a Borderlands game, you’re given the option from an interesting cast of characters. Borderlands 3 is no different. The four characters are unique, each with different qualities and playstyles for players. Not everyone is going to like particular characters, and it takes a little bit of time to find the ideal one for you. However, if you’re playing by yourself, you’re going to need the right character to take down all of the enemies.

Best Borderlands 3 Character to Play Solo

You have four people to choose from when you’re playing Borderlands 3: Amara, FL4k, Moze, and Zane. Of the four characters, you’re going to want to narrow your choices down to Moze or FL4K. Of the four, these two have the best qualities and abilities to fight off the horde of enemies you’re going to encounter in Borderlands 3.

While Amara is a powerhouse when it comes to close-quarters combat, you’re going to limit yourself by needing to get close every time. Not every enemy is going to want to let you run up to them. For Zane, it’s the opposite. He’s a long-range character, but he’s squishy, and you’re going to find yourself keeping from a distance, picking off enemies one at time. This fighting style proves to be a slow process, and you’re not going to charge through the game.

For those looking to play Moze, you’re going to find yourself focusing on playing with your big, mobile gun, the Iron Bear. The Iron Bear is a mobile turret you can equip different weapons to as you travel around the game. You’re going to find yourself using new equipment and tools to make it even more powerful. Moze stands out from the previous gunzerker classes since the Iron Bear has feet, and is mobile. Previous gunzerker classes relied on an immoveable turret, and they had to position themselves, thinking about where to place it. Moze does not have to do this, and she can even install a cockpit so she can ride it around, destroying baddies.

If you want a consistent companion with you at all times, then FL4K might be more up your alley. You get to choose between three different animal companions to support you while you play the game. These companions offer different passives to the AI unit, changing up the gameplay. They also can assist him in taking down the various enemies, by providing him with additional damage or by distracting them so he can get a decent shot. You’re going to find yourself mixing and matching what abilities he’s using with what animal. Figure out what combinations work for you, and proceed from there. You’re also going to want to mix up your gunplay from the assault rifles, to the shotguns and heavy pistols.

For those interested in choosing the between the two, it’s mainly about having a variety of different pets at your disposal or having a protective robot with different guns shooting at your foes. You can try them both out, and decide which fits your playstyle and you’re going to enjoy the most as you play through the game.

Good luck, Vault Hunter. And choose wisely.