Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest: How to Find and Kill Loot Ghosts

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Find Loot Ghosts

There’s a lot of new stuff to do in Borderlands 3 for the next few weeks with the introduction of Bloody Harvest. It’s a new chunk of content in the game, available to everyone. You won’t have to pay to gain access to this time-sensitive event. There are 15 new challenges for players to complete this event. A particular one calls for players to kill loot ghosts. Here’s what a loot ghost is and how to find them in the game.

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest: How to Find and Kill Loot Ghosts

You’re going to find loot ghosts throughout the galaxy. These particular creatures do not spawn in a specific location or have a decent spawn time. Encountering them is random. For example, the first time I ran into one was when I began Bloody Harvest and entered The Heck Hole. It was at the entrance. I killed it and expected to find another reasonably quickly after that, but I was disappointed to learn it took a great deal more time than that.

You’re looking for a unique aura, too. You’ll notice the enemies you’re fighting now have an eerie green glow to their overall appearance. This aura means a particular ghost is haunting them. A majority of them are going to have a green aura, while other, stronger ghosts have a red aura, indicating they are a badass.

The loot ghosts, though, have a distinct orange glow to them. If you see an enemy with orange, almost gold-like, aura, this means a loot ghost is haunting them. Take out the person quickly, and when the ghost spawns, it’s going to have a distinct yellow color to it. Take it out too, and when it dies, it’s going to spawn a bunch of loot.

The challenge connected to these enemies is the An Eye for Quality Hektoplasm. Players need to kill about 20 loot ghosts to complete it. The best way to locate them? Explore the galaxy and find the best locations for plenty of enemies to show up. The Porta Prison and Lectra City are excellent for this, and players can explore their ideal farming locations to make it happen.

Good luck out there, Vault Hunters, and enjoy the Bloody Harvest content. For those who are looking to start the Bloody Harvest, you’re going to need to speak to Maurice on your ship. They’re going to task with searching the galaxy to find a ghost, and we have a guide prepared for you to help out.