Borderlands 3: Chupacabratch Legendary Hunt


Among the first series of Legendary Hunts, Sir Hammerlock has you in facing off against the fearsome Chupacabratch in Borderlands 3. You’re going to locate it on Athenas, and it’s not in the typical location. You might find the exact location if you stray off the beaten path, but you can easily miss it.

Chupacabratch in Borderlands 3

The exact location of the beast remains a mystery until you get close to it in the game. You’re going to find it closer to the monastery, where you help Brother Mendel clear out his brewery full of Ratches. When you do find it, you’re going to see the iconic yellow Challenge symbol above its location. Here it is in the game.

Chupacabratch Location

You’re going to find it tucked away in the corner. Luckily, the beasts in the quest level with you, so it’s still going to prove a tough encounter, even if you do miss it during your first visit to Athenas.

When you’re ready to fight the beast, you can jump right in and go to down on it. You’re not going to find anything special like the first Legendary Hunt you engaged in on Pandora. The Chupacabratch fight doesn’t cause too much frustration. Ratch Gnats are flying around the area, but if you take out the big beast first, you shouldn’t have a problem clearing out.

Now, you know where to fight the beast, and how to slay it. All that’s left to do is locate it in your game and make Sir Hammerlock proud, continuing to traverse the galaxy looking for the best hunts available.