Borderlands 3: What are diamond codes?


Borderlands 3 adds multiple types of codes to the VIP feature.

Shift codes are a core feature of the Borderlands franchise. It’s a sweet promotional deal that engages with players and rewards them with loot. Borderlands 3 introduces a new set to the family, bringing it to a total of six different kinds of codes. Diamond Codes are one of these new, mysterious siblings.

What are they?

Diamond Codes are a unique redemption feature within the Borderlands 3 Vault Insider Program (VIP). You must have a SHiFT account to redeem these codes. The release of Borderlands 3 introduced Diamond Codes.

Anecdotal Reddit posts show that they are single-use codes, obtained, likely, through special events. And perhaps most disappointingly, the few that we have seen only added 500 points to your VIP account.

How do you get them?

Well, we’re not sure yet. From the few we have seen, Diamonds Codes only happen at limited events. A Reddit user found one back in June during E3 after visiting the Borderlands 3 booth. There’s a disappointingly small amount of anecdotes for Diamond Codes. However, don’t go looking for a list of them online. These have a shingle use, and any that you do find likely won’t have a purpose. Or are fake. One of the two.

If you’re hungry for codes, just looking for a list of email or vault ones will lead to a better result overall.