Born in Darkness quest guide – Destiny 2

A new quest on Europa.

Image via Bungie.

After you’ve completed Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion campaign, there’s a lot to do on the frozen moon. You can expect to find a variety of activities to increase your light level, and the several quests make it much easier. The Exo Stranger has a task for you called Born in Darkness, and it’ll take you all over the moon.

Task 1

The first task will take you all over Europa to receive Energized Ether, which you can receive from the Fallen. The second objective is for you to also do Stasis Melee Blows against your targets.

  • 50 Energized Ether
  • 10 Stasis Melee Final Blows

Getting the Melee Final Blows is straight forward. All you have to do is get in close to any of the targets you’re fighting, and you should be good to go. The new attack will vary for your class, such as the Hunter’s being the shuriken. For those searching for Fallen on Europa, you can find them all over the moon. They primarily congregate at Cadmus Ridge, Bray Exoscience, Eventide Ruins, and Asterion Abyss.

Task 2

Once you complete that, your next task is to complete Strikes and inflict Stasis against your enemies, so whenever you do these Strikes you have to have your new Stasis powers enabled.

  • Complete 3 Strikes with Stasis
  • 60 Enemies afflicted by Stasis in playlist only strikes

Task 3

Now that you’ve completed enough strikes and gotten ahold of your new Stasis powers, you have to return to Europa and take out a particular captain and their Platoon. The location of Captain is in Eternity, you can find it west of the Cadmus Ridge, inside of Bray Exoscience.

  • Weniks Platoon defeated

Task 4

Once Weniks and their platoon are done for, it’s time to emerge from the remnants of that tomb and proceed north. You need to make your way to Bunker E15, inside of the Eventide Ruins area. It’s a lost sector, so you want to look for that distinct symbol to find its entrance. You will find the Exo Stranger waiting for you inside of the bunker.

There will be several BrayTech robots there that you can save from the Vex to assist you through the Lost Sector. It’s a good idea to liberate them, which you will be able to do naturally by progressing through the area.

Task 5

After finishing the lost sector, giving the Skeleton Key to the Exo Stranger, return to them at the Beyond landing point at the south part of the map. You can receive your reward, and complete the quest. This starts Born in Darkness part 2.