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Brotato class tier list – Every Brotato class, ranked

The best Brotatos to use to get you through 20 waves.

Brotato has several characters that you can choose to survive the waves of enemies. Each character has its own advantages and disadvantages, which can be utilized to survive all 20 waves. You are accompanied by various weapons and items that can mitigate some disadvantages or amplify your advantages even further.

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All Brotato classes can fight off 20 waves of enemies, even at the highest danger level. Some classes are more powerful than others, while some require better knowledge of the game before their talents shine. While every player will have their favorite Brotatos, some will be easier to use than others. This table will rank the Brotatos in tiers by ease of use.

S RankWell-Rounded, Brawler, Ranger, Ghost, One-Armed, Knight
A RankCrazy, Multitasker, Doctor, Bull
B RankOld, Lucky, Mutant, Generalist, Loud, Gladiator, Speedy, Engineer
C RankChunky, Wildling, Sick, Pacifist, Explorer, Masochist, Demon
D RankMage, Farmer, Saver, Entrepreneur, Soldier
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S Rank Brotato Classes

  • Well-Rounded
  • Brawler
  • Ranger
  • Ghost
  • One-Armed

These Brotatos are chosen because their classes are easy to pick up and get used to. Well-Rounded has no disadvantages and is the default Brotato to go to. Brawler and Ranger will help you get used to melee and ranged weapons, respectively.

Ghost and Knight will emphasize both the Dodge and Armor stats, respectively, helping you get used to your defensive options while benefiting from both. One-Armed gives you only one weapon to play with, but it can prove to be all you need and helps you explore item usage.

A Rank Brotato Classes

  • Crazy
  • Multitasker
  • Doctor
  • Bull

These Brotatos can be easy to use, but you do have to know how to use them effectively. Crazy requires you to think about critical damage and defeating your enemies quickly, relying on its Precise bonus for power. Multitasker is great for wielding 12 weapons and above, but you need to know how to either utilize your multiple weapons or offset the 72% damage loss from wielding that many weapons.

Doctor helps you get used to the Lifesteal stat and how you can regain damage from it, but you will need to know your Medical weapons and how Lifesteal works. Bull requires you to be comfortable with dealing explosion damage by running into enemies, and you must know how to prepare Bull for healing/damage mitigation before it can be successful.

B Rank Brotato Classes

  • Old
  • Lucky
  • Mutant
  • Generalist
  • Loud
  • Gladiator
  • Speedy
  • Engineer

B Rank Brotatos are still good but require more familiarity before you can get the most out of them. Old and Lucky will help you get used to enemy speed/the Harvesting stat and the Luck stat, respectively, but they aren’t offensive, and it can be confusing to get used to them at first. Mutant has great XP gains, but you may struggle to offset that with increased prices.

Generalist helps you balance both melee and ranged weapons, but a focus on two types of damage can confuse both players. Loud will have to deal with greater enemy numbers, while Gladiator encourages using different melee weapons. Speedy is great for players who can dash around the battlefield, while Engineer relies on the Engineering stat, an often neglected stat for many Brotatos.

C Rank Brotato Classes

  • Chunky
  • Wildling
  • Sick
  • Pacifist
  • Explorer
  • Masochist
  • Demon

Any C Rank Brotatos aren’t bad to use but will often require significant adaptations to your usual strategy to avoid losing early on. Chunky requires you to understand that you must invest in Damage and Speed, or Chunky can’t catch up in later waves. Wildling focuses on having Sticks to offset its lack of Tier II weapons and to take advantage of Lifesteal. Sick needs a focus on Lifesteal and/or consumable healing to stay alive.

Pacifist requires you to take advantage of the Harvesting stat to level up and keeping enemies alive. Explorer will rely on having lots of trees for its benefits. Masochist needs you to build a durable Brotato that can fight after it takes damage. Demon is effective, but you need to manage your Max HP spend on items/invest in Harvesting before you run yourself out of HP.

D Rank Brotato Classes

  • Mage
  • Farmer
  • Saver
  • Entrepreneur
  • Soldier

D Rank Brotatos can still be useful but are difficult to use effectively. Mage requires you to work with Elemental damage, such as Burning. That can be hard to adapt to early on, especially if your luck with Elemental weapons is bad. Farmer needs Harvesting to succeed, and you have to hope you survive while it builds up. Saver needs you to conserve your materials to gain strength, and finding the right balance between spending and saving is not easy.

Entrepreneur needs you to deal with losing all of your money every round and spending every material not to waste it. Soldier cannot move at all (unless you lightly tap the movement keys), but not moving will cost you for boss fights.

Every Brotato can succeed, but some will find the journey harder than others. With these tier lists, you can decide which Brotato helps you learn the game, then go down the list to master every class.

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