Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits: Uses, how to obtain, and awakening cost

Here is everything you need to about the Buddha Fruit!

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There are many fruits in Blox Fruits, each with unique abilities and uses. One of the most popular fruits among the players, especially for grinding, is the Human: Buddha Fruit. It’s a beat-type fruit that allows you to become a giant golden Buddha. This Blox Fruits guide will help you decide if you should use the Buddha Fruit, how you can obtain it, and the cost of awakening it.

Why use the Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits offers a number of benefits for players. One of the main advantages is its transformation, as it reduces the overall damage taken by 40%, with an increase to 50% when the Buddha awakens. This makes it a useful option for players looking to increase their defensive capabilities. Additionally, the transformation grants an extreme hitbox, making it easier to hit enemies and deal more damage. It is also still possible to hold items and use Swords/Fighting Styles while transformed, which can be a significant advantage in battle.

Another benefit of using the Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits is its usefulness for leveling and grinding, especially in the Second and Third Seas. The high-level requirement for Elemental Immunity and the prevalence of NPCs with Aura makes it a valuable option for players looking to progress through these areas. Overall, the Buddha Fruit offers a unique blend of defensive and offensive capabilities, making it a valuable option for players looking to enhance their gameplay experience.

How to obtain the Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits

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This fruit has a relatively low chance of being in stock in Blox Fruits, with only a 5% chance of being available for purchase. However, you have a slightly better chance of obtaining it by spawning, with a 6.6% chance of it appearing every hour. You can purchase the fruit for 1,200,000 in-game currency or 1,650 Robux. It is worth noting that purchasing the fruit with Robux will allow you to keep it permanently.

Buddha Fruit all moves Awakening cost in Blox Fruits

If you want to awaken the Buddha Fruit, here is the cost for each move’s awakening. The total cost for awakening this fruit is 14,500 fragments, but most Blox Fruits players only need the transformation and one or two more moves. 

  • Transformation: 500 fragments
  • Heavenly Impact: 3,000 fragments
  • Light of Annihilation: 4,000 fragments
  • Twilight Of The Gods: 5,000 fragments
  • Retribution Dash: 2,000 fragments