How to Quickscope in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Get a quick kill with your quickscope skill.

Image via Activision

Quickscope is the art of mastering crosshair placement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to quickly take out your opponents before they react. You can be running immediately at your opponent, and in the next second, you need to pull your weapon’s scope up to line up a well-placed shot. Performing a Quickscope is all about doing it in a manner of seconds with a few simple button presses. Each Call of Duty game has slightly changed how players go about this process. The latest Modern Warfare is no different, even requiring players to perform them to complete challenges to unlock new weapons and cosmetics.

It’s essential to keep your crosshair placement level at roughly chest-height while you run around the map. That way, while aiming at an opponent’s chest, it’s a matter of running around a corner, pulling the scope up, firing your weapon, and sprinting forward as if nothing happened. You have to keep your fingers on the scope and your attack trigger to confirm the kill. You may want to try out several different sniper or marksman rifles to see what fits best with your play style. Not all of the weapons operate the same, and it trying out new weapons gives you a variety of options to pick from.

Once you settle on a weapon, the next step is to find the correct attachments that modify that weapon to optimize any of the stats further. You primarily want to focus on making the sniper have less recoil and have a higher rate of control. This way, before you fire the weapon, it doesn’t sway too much before you fire, and then after you fire, your aim doesn’t become hindered. The less you mouse movement, you have to center your crosshair correctly, the less time you give your opponents to fire back at you.

Overall, you want to focus on leading your shots to focus more on the direction your opponents are running and anticipating when your crosshair will move upwards. You can try out the various attachments in the practice modes, against bots, and in a variety of multiplayer matches. Practice makes perfect.