Does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have Zombies?


The latest Call of Duty title has dropped today, and it’s a soft reboot of the Modern Warfare series. It features Captain John Price and brings the game to a whole new level. While the story is a solid step forward, players are actively curious about what the multiplayer scene is going to look like. A huge aspect of the online community is the Zombies gameplay. A Zombie mode features an array of unique characters, all fighting against a massive zombie horde to survive. The mode typically features a handful of secrets, and special unlocks, leading to some serious work for the players. Does the game have it?

Does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have Zombies?

For those who were hoping to get it this year, we’re here to inform you there’s no Zombies mode available for 2019’s Call of Duty game. Activision and Infinity Ward are taking a step back from the mode and trying to work on other aspects of the franchise instead.

However, don’t think it’s going to sour your online experience with the game. Infinity Ward has assured their player base there’s going to be plenty to do, and no, all of their fans are not going to be continually making map pack purchases. Any additions like that are going to come in for free, ensuring the overall multiplayer population of the game remains together as much as possible throughout the game’s lifetime.

There’s also the new spec ops mode. But the new Survival mode of the game is going to remain on the PlayStation 4 for the game’s first year. This decision was not Infinity Ward’s decision. They had their hands tied for the process and had little to say about the choice. Regardless, they’re going to make sure new gameplay gets out to everyone across all of the platforms, undeterred in keeping their players together.

There’s quite a bit of support from the development team for their players of this huge franchise. You can start playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC through the Blizzard application store,, right now.