Can you catch a shiny Galarian Yamask in Pokémon Go? – October 20, 2022

Has the shiny version arrived yet?

Image via the Pokémon Company

There are several Pokémon you’ll be able to encounter throughout the year during specific events in Pokémon Go. During the two-part Halloween event from October 20 to November 2, Galarian Yamask will appear throughout the festive event. While you may have captured this Pokémon when it was initially released, can you catch a shiny version of Galarian Yamask Pokémon Go?

Does Galarian Yamask have a shiny version in Pokémon Go?

We can confirm that the shiny version of Galarian Yamask has arrived in Pokémon Go, and players will have a chance to find it at the start of the Halloween event. Once the Halloween 2022 event starts in your region, Galarian Yamask’s shiny version will be available and will remain in the mobile game moving forward. If you ever encounter a Galarian Yamask, there will be a chance for the shiny version to appear unless Niantic stops this from happening at specific events.

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Galarian Yasmask has appeared a handful of times in previous Pokémon Go events, but if players have been hungry for this shiny form, they might get the chance to encounter it during this festive event. For the Halloween 2022 event, Galarian Mask will have a Special Research focused entirely on it, and you can get 7km eggs sent to you by friends. Unfortunately, Galarian Yamask will not appear in the wild, so you don’t have too many chances to find it.

Now, both Yamask regional versions in Pokémon Go have their shiny versions. If you’ve already acquired the shiny Yamask, you can complete the set and find a Galarian Yamask awaiting you. An encounter to find it is not guaranteed, so we recommend you reach out to your friends to send you as many gifts as possible to receive 7km eggs.