Can you catch a shiny Genesect with a Douse Drive in Pokémon Go?

What are the odds?

Image via Niantic

With Genesect arriving in Pokémon Go, players are buzzing to find groups to defeat it in five-star raids to capture it. It will appear during the Secrets of the Jungle event from October 1 to 11. It’s going to be a particular version of Genesect where it has a Douse Drive installed. With a Douse Drive, when you capture this Pokémon after defeating it in five-star raids, it will have access to Techno Blast as a Water-type move, which the original Genesect cannot learn. What are the chances of defeating this Genesect and receiving a shiny version?

Unfortunately, a shiny version of Genesect will not be available for this version. The reason for that is because Genesect with a Douse Drive is a form of the original Pokémon. So it’s essentially making its debut, with the possibility of a shiny version in the future. It’s similar to how a regular Darumaka has a shiny version, but the Galarian Darumaka version has not been released yet, and they come out at different times.

While Genesect does have its shiny form available in the game, this version of Genesect will not. While finding a Genesect with the perfect IVs is always acceptable, you don’t want to waste your time trying to find a shiny one during the Secrets of the Jungle event. Instead, you’re better off capturing a Genesect that knows Techno Blast as a Water-type move and then moving on to capture other exclusives that are spawning.