Can you change a wrestler’s hair in WWE 2K22?

A much-needed makeover.

Screenshot by Gamepur

WWE 2K22 has one of the more in-depth creation suites in modern sports games. It is chock full of gear that you can outfit wrestlers with. With wrestlers you create on your own, you also have full control over what they look like, including their hair. To edit it, you simply go to the Attire section, click on “Appearance,” and then select “Hair & Facial Parts.” However, if you want to alter real-world Superstars, your options are a bit more limited.

How to change Superstar’s hair in WWE 2K22

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can change Superstar’s gear just like you would with any created wrestler. Whether you want to update their entrance attire or want to give them a completely new look, every option is available to you and can be used as an alternate attire.

On the other hand, you can’t alter anything that completely changes how they look in real life. That means you can’t change their hairstyle or even facial hair. Instead, your only option to mess with their hair is by dying it as we have with AJ Styles above. So, if you want to make Styles really pop as a member of Smackdown, that’s possible. If you’re looking to get rid of his soccer mom hair cut, though, that’s impossible.