Can you have children in Going Medieval? Answered

How else will you get new settlers?

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Simulation games are known for having some lifelike features. In the Sims, for instance, you can build a home, have your Sim travel the world, get a job, and even take a shot at the dating life. In Going Medieval, you take on the role of settlers starting a new colony. You must guide your settlers, give them shelter, keep them happy, and make them work. In the end, you will have a thriving colony with plenty of settlers roaming around. The big question, however, is if Going Medieval contains children. We have your answer.

Are there children in Going Medieval?

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Going Medieval has a lot of features. After some time has passed, you will experience random events that will allow you to get more settlers. For instance, a settler could have decided to walk in a random direction and happened to come across your village. You can select the settler and let them into your village without any worry. Other events, however, can prove to be rather dangerous. Some settlers will be escaping raiders or have a bounty on their heads. Letting these settlers into your village can spell doom for the rest of your characters. It is best to let these settlers go on their way so they don’t bring any harm to your village.

Despite the large number of random encounters that can occur from merchants wandering past your camp or a settler attempting to escape the ruins of their destroyed homeland, there isn’t any reference to children in the game. The developers said during a livestream that they thought about children in the game but ultimately decided that they didn’t want to add them. It looks like children won’t be appearing in the game anytime soon unless you download a few mods.