Can you plant and harvest raspberries, blueberries, and mushrooms in Valheim?

They’re pretty critical, even later in the game.

You can plant several vegetables in Valheim that you can turn into stews. The stews provide you with a massive amount of health and stamina, giving you a great boost for quite a long time. During the later portion of the game, you’ll create multiple stews to make battling the enemies that much easier when you’ve created a cauldron. Many of the potions, the mead, you make in Valheim require berries and stay relevant for the entire game. The mead recipes need raspberries or blueberries, and many of the stews need mushrooms.

While you can plant carrot and turnip seeds, it doesn’t look like players can cultivate these resources. That means players still need to regularly visit the Meadows and Black Forest regions, where these items spawn. You can find them all over the ground or in berry bushes for the respective berries you’re looking for.

It might seem a bit annoying, the starter items you found and used when you started to remain relevant throughout the entire time you’re playing Valheim. When you decide to venture away from where you initially created a game and sail across the world, you still need to find continents and locations with these biomes in them. If you’re only running in the higher-level ones, such as Mountains, Plains, or the Swamp, you won’t have access to a lot of the later game stews or potions. It keeps them relevant and makes exploring your entire world of Valheim worthwhile.