Can you sell junk in New World and is there a junk vendor?

Where can you turn in your old items?

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You’re going to pick up several items while you’re exploring New World. By completing quests, the quest givers will reward you with items that are useful to you for a time. But, eventually, those items will become too low level for you, and they’re going to take up inventory space. You have the option to destroy them to make room for new things, but you typically want to try and make a little bit of money off those items. Can you sell junk in New World? From what we can tell right now, that is not the case.

We have not been able to find a junk vendor location in New World or a way to sell anything that’s become deadweight in your inventory. It’s a small, unfortunate feature for the game, but it’s not the end of the world. There are two options you can choose to go with for your junk items. You can choose to discard the item and destroy it, or you can choose to salvage it.

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Based on the quality of the item you want to remove from your inventory, you’re going to receive a few resources back for it, and sometimes even some money. The really low-quality items will net you one or two resources, but uncommon and rare items give you a bit more back. The salvage option becomes much more worth your while as you level up in New World, giving you the chance to turn those items into a crafting project.

We highly recommend you go with the salvage option rather than discarding it. We haven’t found any junk items that don’t give something back to you.