Control: Best Abilities Guide


As you play through Control, you will discover various Objects of Power that give you new abilities. Each new ability can give you a new way to take on a challenge, but some of them are just more useful than others. In this guide, we will talk about which abilities are the best return on investment when it comes to spending Ability Points.

Control: Best Abilities Guide


Health is a solid place to park some Ability points. While the game didn’t strike me as difficult while I played it, there are certainly some spikes that you will want extra health for. While learning how to properly use your powers will aid you plenty in most fights, there are moments where having extra health will give you some wiggle room.


Energy is a very important stat, and is absolutely worth maxing out. Energy gives you more opportunities to use your powers, and generally maximizes the interest factor of gameplay. I’d suggest ranking this one up all the way.


Launch was my primary means of offense in the game, as I just love throwing stuff at enemies with my mind. It also has some very interesting break points, which are important to consider for abilities that do damage. Your first upgrade gives an extra 25% damage, but after than upgrades are worth 50% damage. I would suggest upgrading this ability in line with the level of the enemies you are facing. You want it to be nice and strong to take out shields in one shit, allowing you to finish off targets with your gun, but don’t want to over level it early, as those points could be better spent elsewhere.


Shield is vital to take on some of the threats in the game, especially those strange energy birds that do tremendous explosive damage. You only need to upgrade it once however, with a single upgrade it will stand up to the biggest hits in the game, but you will need to recast a lot, which is why you put so many points into Energy.


I like Seize, and found it to be extremely useful, but upgrading it wasn’t really required. Normally Seizing one enemy will be fine, as they will provide a great distraction, and when they go down, you can simple Seize a new one.


I didn’t upgrade melee at all, and I didn’t regret it. It’s great for clearing out space if you get stuck, but you don’t want to try to get close enough to most threats to really have it as a main damage dealer.


To avoid spoilers, all I will say about Levitate is that you don’t need to upgrade it to complete the story, but you will need to upgrade it to discover all the game’s secrets.