Will Crash Team Racing support cross-play?


The remake of Crash Team Racing is here with Nitro Fueled, bringing its mix of nostalgia and modern looks. It has been released on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as of today.

One question that appears to be on many people’s lips is whether the game supports, or is going to support cross-play across the three platforms. Doing so would boost the number of players online, making sure that the online community stays united and healthy while allowing friends on other platforms to play together potentially.

However, it is confirmed that at launch, Nitro Fueled does not currently support crossplay across all platforms. It was established back in April by the co-head of developer Beenox Thomas Wilson that there are now no plans to bring cross-play to the game on any of the platforms.

With that said, as the life of the game goes on, and the planned content for the game continues to be delivered, Beenox may consider changing their minds, especially if the sales number of the game is good, and there is enough clamor from fans for it to happen. If the studio also looks to bring the game to PC eventually, cross-play would be a huge boon to this community as the numbers of players tends to dwindle on PC games faster than the console.

Rocket League and SMITE have both also shown that cross-play can be implemented post-launch by combining their communities, even with PS4 gamers.

So while there is currently no cross-play for those playing the new Crash Team Racing, there is a chance in the future that it could still happen, so watch this space!