Cube World: What are the Classes?


Cube World is out right now. You’re going to have the chance to choose between four different classes when you start the game. Each of the classes has something, making them unique to the player’s experience, and they change up the entire experience when you jump into the game. What are those differences? Each of the classes come with two specializations.

The Classes of Cube World


Do you want to fling magic and summon spells against your enemies? You’ve chosen the correct role. You’re going to get your chance to sling magic at the edge of your fingertips and send them flying out at anyone in your way. You’re going to find your spells cast out at varying times, with basic attacks going pretty quickly, but the stronger, more hefty strikes are going to take longer to summon and they’re going to consume plenty of MP.

You have two specializations available to you, the Fire Mage and the Water Mage. If you’re a fire mage, you’re going to have the opportunity to use dangerous attacks to burn allies. A strong attack, Fire Spark, gives you a chance to make your next special attack instantly cast. When you’re a water mage, you have increased attack speed, and you can heal allies. Every time you hit an opponent, your attack speed goes up.


  • Fire Explosion (Fire Mage): You cast a powerful explosion, that burns close enemies and knocks them back. Has a chance to stun enemies.
  • Healing Streaming (Water Mage): You cast a stream of magic water to treat the selected ally or yourself. This skill becomes an area of effect in the future.
  • Mana Shield: You are protected by a magic shield which absorbs damage for up to 30 seconds
  • Teleport: You teleport to the selected location.


Do you prefer to keep your distance and cause damage from afar? Grab a bow and keep your eyes out of the sun because you want to choose to become a Ranger. Their attacks have a charged attack they can build, giving their ranged attacks a substantial hit.

The Ranger’s two specializations are Snipers and Scouts. If you go down the sniper route, you’re going to want to focus on your overall range to destroy your enemies, and your attacks have an increased attack speed every time you hit your opponent. If you prefer being a bit quicker, then run around as a scout. Your attacks are going to have the chance for your next special attack to have an instant charge.


  • Aim (Sniper): You lay down and camouflage yourself in stealth. Stealth increases damage, critical strike chance and regenerates MP. Stealth gets canceled if you move.
  • Scout’s Swiftness (Scout): Thanks to your agility, you can move and attack faster. Lasts 10 second
  • Kick: You repulse all enemies in melee range with a bold kick. Enemies can be stunned.
  • Retreat: You jump back to seek shelter.


Do you prefer to stick to the shadows and rely on striking your enemies with precise misdirection? Time to take to the shadows with the Rogue. You’re going to find yourself dodging plenty of your enemy’s attacks, making it difficult to get a proper hit in on you while you’re moving around because you can maneuver in the middle of a fight. Your special attacks are instant, too.

The Rogue’s specializations are the Assassin and the Ninja. If you go the assassin route, you’re going to rely on sneak and surprise attacks to take down your opponents. Stealth is going to increase your critical strike chance and regenerate your MP. For those who prefer the ninja, you’re going to be counterattacking your opponents more and moving around out in the open.


  • Camouflage (Assassin): You camouflage yourself from enemies in stealth even in combat. Stealth increases damage, critical strike chance, and MP regeneration.
  • Shuriken Attack (Ninja): You perform a backflip to seek shelter and throw multiple shurikens at your enemies.
  • Intercept: You move quickly to the selected location and attack close enemies with your unique ability.
  • Sneak: You hide in the shadows to camouflage yourself. Stealth increases damage, critical strike chance, and MP regeneration.


The final option in Cube World you can choose is the Warrior. When you’re the warrior, you’re going to rely on hitting your opponents over and over again to lash out massive attacks and build up your MP. Your MP is going to fuel into your charged attacks, making them hit harder alongside your abilities.

Your two specialization choices as the Warrior is the Berserker and the Guardian. Those who choose the berserker are going to find themselves dealing a hefty amount of damage with each attack you land increasing your overall speed. The other option, guardian, is more the tank option for your gameplay. You’re going to able to soak up additional damage, giving your skills with a sword and shield combo. You’re going to have increased health, too.


  • War Frenzy (Berserker): You enter a war frenzy and can charge you special attacks faster. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Heroic Strike (Guardian): You taunt all nearby enemies, forcing them to attack you instead of party members. This move also heals you and your team.
  • Cyclone: You spin around for a while the shift key is held and attack all enemies around you. Blocks incoming attacks
  • Smash: You jump to the selected spot and smash nearby enemies.