Cube World: What are Leftovers?


When you engage in some of the adventures in Cube World, you’re going to find yourself discovering an array of useful items and gear you can keep for yourself or take back to the nearest city to sell. There are some mysterious items in the game, though, such as the Leftovers. Leftovers come from animals you kill in the world. There are three different colored Leftovers, each with a different significance.

Leftovers in Cube World

You’re bound to encounter three different rarities of Leftover in Cube World.

  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic

There are, supposedly, two above those three, Legendary and Mythical, but those seldom drop. Cube World follows the five-tier rarity system, so it’s safe to assume as more players get into the game and then jump in during launch they’re going to encounter and eventually discover the last two. For now, those have not officially come out at this time.

The uncommon Leftovers are green, the rare is blue, and the epic variety is purple. You’re meant to discover a piece of armor or weapon inside of the item. You can’t do this by yourself, however. You’re going to need to speak to an expert on how to extract the item. You need to go into the town, visit the Trade district, and talk to the shop owner with the magnifying glass on their shop stall.

When you go inside, you need to speak to the owner, the Identifier. They have the capacity and skills to extract the item from the debris. They don’t work for free, though, so you’re going to need to pay them a minor fee to grab the item. It’s a small thing compared to the treasure inside of the Leftovers, so it’s well worth the payment.

The item you’re going to receive is likely going to be the same tier as the Leftover you give the Identifier. However, it has the chance to become a higher-tier above it. So, you might find a rare Leftover, but you can extract an epic-level item from it and get even more goodies from it. The same goes for epic and getting a legendary item.

If you’re willing to spend the time to gather up the Leftovers, give money to the Identifier, and hope for the best you’re going to receive some great benefits of these items. Make sure you’re picking them up when they drop.