Cube World – What Is The Spirit Bell?


The Cube World beta is underway, and people are getting to grips with all the systems, items, and locations within the game. To progress in Cube World, you need to explore, find new gear to get more powerful, complete quests and missions for NPCs, and find Artifacts which will level you up. One useful item you can find is the Spirit Bell.

What Is The Spirit Bell?

The Spirit Bell is an item that will allow you to pass through specific locked gates. Some towers are protected by ironwork gates that do not open, and the only way to get past them is by using the Spirit Bell. The Spirit Bell will temporarily send you to the Spirit Realm.

As long as you have the Spirit Bell in your inventory, you won’t need to specifically use it, just approaching one the gates should bring up a contextual button, and pressing it will allow you to pass through to the other side, allowing you to explore a previously unreachable area.

Keep in mind that because of the region-locked loot system, when you go to a new area, you will need to find the Spirit Bell for that area. To find the Spirit Bell, interact with NPCs, and one of them will eventually give you a mission to go and find the Spirit Bell in the form of a clue. Head off to that point on the map, have a good look around, and you should be able to find the Spirit Bell without too much issue.