Dauntless Character Creation and Appearance Change Guide


Dauntless doesn’t have the most fully featured character creation we’ve ever seen, but it does have some pretty extensive options on par with a lot of MMOs.

Character Creation

When you first log into the game, you’ll make your character before jumping in. You start by choosing a face preset, then tweak it to your liking. This screen gives you an idea of the variety of characters you can create, but you actually have a broader range of starting points than you might think at first. While the faces on this screen are gendered, you can switch to the next menu tab to slip between masculine and feminine to swap the gender of any of these preset faces you like. If you don’t know exactly what character you want to make, you can also hit a button to randomize your character’s face.

You may like the face you get enough to stop there, but if not, there are plenty of options to refine things. There’s probably nothing here you haven’t seen before if you’ve used a few other character creators, but the options — everything from pupil size to tattoos — let you make subtle refinements are completely reshaped your character’s face.

Once you have a character you like, you can jump into the game. You won’t choose any classes, stats, or anything else that will affect how your character plays at this stage. That all comes through equipment.

Keep in mind that you only have one character slot per account. If you want to start over, you can go into the main menu on the title screen before you log in to find an option to reset your character. This will erase all the progress you’ve made on this character and let you make another one from scratch.

Appearance Change

If, on the other hand, you just want to change your appearance, there’s a much simpler option. Just seek out Gregario Flynt in the town of Ramsgate. He’s the merchants who gives you Hunt Pass rewards and sells you Elite Pass upgrades, and he sits just to the right of where you spawn into town. Simply use the mirror that’s set up in his tent, and you can completely redo the character creation process for free.

Character appearance change mirror

One final option is hidden in the options menu under the Gameplay tab. There’s a switch you can flip to change your character’s gender identity between masculine, feminine, and neutral. This will change the pronouns that characters use to refer to you, though we haven’t found too many instances where that even happens.

That’s it for actual character creation, but as you play the game, you’ll earn plenty of ways to further customize your look. Leveling up your Hunt Pass and completely certain challenges will reward you will armor, dye, titles, emotes, banners, and other ways to make your character stand out.