Dauntless Charred Browplate and Burned Hindscale – How to Get Them


The Hellion armor set in Dauntless gives you a solid mix of offense, defense, and fire protection, and Hellion weapons do excellent blaze damage. To craft this equipment, though, you’ll need to gather Charred Browplates and Burned Hindscales. Both are common drops from breaking different parts of the Hellion’s body, but they can still be hard to gather. Since the Hellion moves quickly and hits hard, it can be difficult to focus on one part long enough to get the materials to drop without being trampled.

Burned Hindscales aren’t too hard to find, fortunately. You can get one by breaking a Hellion’s leg, which is the part you’re probably going to spend the most time attacking anyway. Charred Browplates are considerably more difficult to acquire, though. To get one, you’ll need to attack the Hellion’s head. The Hellion is a massive beast that walks around on two legs, so its head isn’t as accessible as that of a Skarn or Valomyr, for instance. It’s not impossible to hit from the ground, but getting in position to hit it with also put you in the path of the Hellion’s charge. If you want to go this route, consider using an axe or hammer, since they both have overhead slams that will let you damage the head.

The hammer (and the axe, to a less extent) also has the advantage of being able to stagger the Hellion. Doing enough blunt damage to its head or legs will bring the Behemoth to the ground, giving you a few seconds to score direct hits to its noggin.

Slayer attacking fallen Hellion

One challenge in getting these materials is that you need to make some compromises with your gear. If you want the stagger power of the hammer, you’ll have to forego the superior part damage of a slashing weapon. Equipping armor and cells that maximize your part damage is also risky because the Hellion does tons of damage and covers the battlefield in lava that will set you ablaze if you touch it. Prioritize fire protection above all else, followed by the defense, and only add part damage gear if you really think you can survive the fight without maximum armor.

Instead of trying to brute force your way to breaking parts, instead, try to coordinate with your teammates to stagger the Hellion and break its head while it’s down. Since both the Charred Browplate and Burned Hindscale are common drops, there’s a very good chance that you’ll get them if you break their associated parts.