Days Gone: How To Earn Trust At Encampments


Days Gone is filled with Camps that contain small, independent groups of survivors. While these survivors might be willing to work with you, there is a good chance that they hate people in other camps. As such, each Camp has its own Trust level, and you have to work your way into their good graces, and also earn Camp Credits so that you can trade with them. This is important, as there are all kinds of important upgrades for your bike locked away behind Trust levels.

How To Earn Trust In Days Gone


There are several different ways that you can earn Trust with the different camps;

  • Hand in items at the Kitchen. The map is covered in flowers, and other things, that the Kitchen will accept.
  • Complete missions for the camp, such as Bounties. You can often find missions to do by checking your map.
  • Do campaign missions that affect the Camp.
  • Hand in Freaker ears at the Bounties stand.

If you want to check your Trust levels with a camp, just hover your cursor over it on the map, a Trust Badge will pop up with the Trust level beside it. You can also interact with any of the vendors in the camp to check the individual Trust levels you will need to get certain items. For example, lots of upgrades for your bike will be hidden behind some Trust level grind.

So, that’s just about every you need to know about Trust in Days Gone. There are lots of ways to earn it, and it is a very useful thing to have people trust you in the game’s harsh and brutal world.