Days Gone: Patjens Lake Infestation Locations


To safely travel certain routes in Days Gone, you will need to clear out the Patjens Lake Infestation. This is a very dangerous area, with a lot of Freaker activity, so you want to be pretty careful while you do this.

Also, make sure you sneak around and climb the radio tower near Patjens Lake, as there is a lot of loot at the top of it, and it is beneficial if you are running low on supplies. If you like, you can take out all the Freakers, but I was able to sneak through without much issue. Also, make sure you park your bike facing down the hill because you might want to get out of here in a hurry.

Patjens Lake Infestation Locations

Patjens Lake Infestations

Of the three Patjens Lake Infestation sites, the one closest to the north of the map is the most awkward. It has a high presence of Freakers, but it is worth sneaking through them to climb the radio tower behind it. I found a lot of supplies up there, and a Suppressor for my secondary weapon.

The other two are quite close together, with one being in a building on the side of the road, and another being in an abandoned trailer just to the south of it. A word of caution, this place gets very busy with Freakers at night time, so it is best to tackle it during the day. There seems to be a good chance of a swarm moving through the area at night, so definitely play this one safe.

And that’s it! There are only three sites at the Patjens Lake Infestation, so this one is pretty easy to deal with as long as you are careful! Don’t forget to make sure you have enough Molotov before you head there, as I noticed that the supplies to make them are a little bit scare in that area.